Our Very Own Mourinho

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We are now coming to the end of the international break, and the season that seems to have taken an age to start will finally get going. We will have a glut of football over this next 3-4 months with no interruptions.

England look set to appoint Southgate and words just fail me. With decades of garbage football and wrong decisions from the FA, we learn nothing and keep just going backwards doing handsprings. From that numpty Martin Glenn announcing “no matter what, we will appoint the best man for the job” we appointed a relegation fight specialist and when he put his big head and both feet in it, we are now going for someone even less qualified. In fact, we now look set to appoint someone with zero qualifications for the job except for the fact he is an establishment man. My England days are done.

Premier League wise Chelsea look formidable in recent weeks, just in time for the visit of Spurs next weekend. I didn’t think they would challenge for the title this season as I felt the rebuild job was too big, but I did fancy Conte to get them back in the top 4 and tough to beat. He has something about him in my opinion and that sort of air Mourinho had when he first came to England. With other teams stuttering early on and no European commitments Chelsea could well take advantage. Certainly, they are more value at 3/1 than another team I won’t mention as the fans are now getting tired of me and abusing me for my opinions, just to say I could have paid for an Olympic size swimming pool in the garden (note the cryptic clue) from their mis-pricing over the years.

Whilst mentioning Mourinho we have our very own version at FTS! Kav Mourinho and I have had numerous debates as we start to travel our way around the country doing the FTS Clinics. We hope to bring you some of these insights in the New Year via podcasts.

It is pure gold what he comes out with, it’s like having my very own football version of Karl Pilkington, and you will love it. He is adamant Tottenham will be in the Top 4, I don’t need to tell you any more at this stage, but I will add that Kav manages a local Sunday football side and last week they lost 5-3 with him at the helm. This week, whilst I had him trapped in a hotel conference room, they managed to rack up a win so I will follow the next two Sundays with anticipation to see if there is a correlation between his absence and the results. Make time January onwards to set aside a pair of headphones, a cup of tea and 10 minutes to listen to it for yourself – it will brighten anyone’s week. We won’t just cover football as I am sure he can cover all topics – your very own “special one”.

The first two FTS clinics took place this weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Thanks to the guys who came. I was not sure how these would go in a more intimate small group. I did some home one to one visits last year but I could pick who I saw, so knew what I was in for. These were open to all and I was not sure what to expect and we had several new faces but all the guys were superb and the days were great. I have no doubt we have added more winners to the FTS stable.

It was interesting to see the common faults through the attendees – poor record keeping, staking too small, spreading themselves too thin and to sit and help them correct that was something I enjoyed, as well as the discussions around it. If you were in doubt about booking, you should do for early 2017. I am sure the guys who came this week will leave some favourable comments to back up what I say here. (Nudge, Nudge!) A big thanks to Kav and HIS WIFE (private joke) Sally who organised these and the hotels and travel etc. It was lovely just to turn up with my gouty limp and do business on the day, and Kav’s input in the clinics was invaluable, being someone who has taken the journey himself.  The expectation of people when it comes to betting is something I will do another blog post on as it is a huge misconception by most gamblers on what is achievable in relation to odds you bet at and stakes you use. One clinic attendee declared for example “I want to win a grand a month” as if it was the simplest thing in the world, no mention of stakes or what he would do, just a flat-out declaration. It is a big factor in most bettors and hopefully we can correct that area quickly.

This week will see the FTS Income birthday and racing weekend bookings open and I can only urge you to book quickly if you wish to attend. We are limited by hotel room availability and executive boxes availability at the racecourse, it will be a great weekend and I have worked very hard on what I will be covering that weekend. I am amazed myself at the success of it as I put it live for myself in the last month after 3 years research and watching so I had actual live results for those who do attend come March. Over £8k profit in the first month to not massive stakes is very pleasing and shows work pays off no matter what area of gambling you look at. I hope to see as many of you as possible and we will put on some birthday surprises for those who make it to Lingfield in March. This will not be repeated as you are only 10 once.

It is amazing to think I have done this for 10 years, no wonder I have health issues! But thanks to all those who have been around. I will cover the anniversary more next year but we would not still be here if you the readers and members didn’t want us to be so it is worth the work and time.

So, we are back to normal from Friday with odds sheets etc going. Those in the Portal who wanted to increase your venture please do so this week as I will be in action Friday onwards and let me know if you do so I get it in the system by then.

The odds sheet and selections will come as normal on Friday, and I will be making some videos over the coming weeks and adding some more of the GA newsletters to the site this week onwards. As we get to 10 years done it looks very positive for the next 10.