Portal ECHO 2017/2018

FTS Portal ECHO 2017/2018

(Please note those in existing Portals that the current running Portal is unaffected, This page is for people wishing to start new or those in existing Portals who wish to invest in new £1000 units. The existing Portal will run as agreed to at least 2021)

Let Me MANAGEyour betting journey.

In 2012 I started four Portal journeys for members of FTS. In that time I have paid out over 250,000 in clear profit tax free winning to FTS members.

Those existing 4 Portals have condsolidated down into one Portal where an initial £1000 unit now tops either £5500 or £6400 depending on whether the FTS member chose an aggressive approach or a safe solid approach.

With the cost of joining the existing Portal now prohibitive to most I am starting the whole process again for a new batch of members who wish to invest £1000.

No one to answer to,
no commuting, just
TAX FREE winnings

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Since 2012 the FTS Portal has

Paid off Mortgages

Paid Holidays

Bought Cars

Paid House Deposits

The Portal was started as a way to manage a betting fund for people on two counts. Those who did not have the time to dedicate to betting and were missing bets and thise who struggled with the emotional discipline of betting.

Quite simply I bet for you across a number of safe strategies that I use day in day out just adding a little of your pot onto my own stake. Every othe rmonth I publish the figures and in over 4 years we have had one losing period and that was minimal.

For this I am paid a fee initially £200 on the first thousand pounds and then when I hit certain targets a fee of £30 a month paid annually. the max fee in anyone calendar year is £360.

THERE IS ONLY ONE FEE No matter how many units you invest.

So 1 unit is an initial investment of £1200 a 3 units investment is £3200 etc. Profit is always shown as per unit.

This is a fair trade and in no way is this a get rich quick scheme it is an investment where there is risk of course but I currently have people with 15 units so I am managing over £80,000 for them for £360 a year and growing their banks by four figures monthly.

See what existing Portal members say actual comments from FTS BLOG Post
(Services and Trading Days on FTS Blog)

One of the safest investments anyone can make

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Proven over time

The Portal was never designed to make anyone a fortune it was a way for a FTS member to profit from over 10 years of experience in managing a betting bank. Initial growth is small, it is your money and the first task is to protect it and let it grow. Once you get to a figure of £3000 you are then offered the chance to decide to go to a more aggressive version which has more risk but greater reward and performs 18-20% better.

A £1000 ISA in the time the Portal has been running is now worth £1072, The Portal is worth over £5500 with just over £1000 fees paid a clear profit of over 3k per unit for the safe solid approach, nearly 4k for the aggessive members.

This is not a service or any input on your part, you trust me to manage your money and you have to understand that

What is my security?

Within 30 days of your initial dpeosit you will get an agreement to sign detailing the risk and my terms. Keep a copy and send a copy back to me

In the event of my demise a solicitor has full instructions on the funds and the ability to transfer funds back when returned form Betfair.
Your money is only ever held in two places, a Betfair acount for betting or a dedicated bank account that has triple signatory for money to be withdrawn.

I would gain absolutely nothing for not paying you or running it properly. I have never not overseen the process of a withdrawal personally.

Things to know

Withdrawals take 7 – 10 days and can only be in the amount of a full unit or half unit.

No withdrawals in first 12 months this is a long term plan and my effort is not being wasted on someone who decides they want money in 6 weeks time.

After January 2018 you can add units to the value of the current unit ( as published) or add half a unit to the value of half the current unit price.

The Portal will be run until the end of the 2021 football season guaranteed. At which time I will be 50 and I plan to have a party in Vegas and pay people out that summer. I will make a decision on continuing in the months up to that and if I do then you of course will be welcome to continue

Investment dates

Unit(s) added before 1st November will commence betting Nov 1st and be known as Portal ECHO (A)

Unit(s)added before December 1st will start betting 1st December and be know as Portal ECHO (B)

Units(s) added by January 1st will commence betting January 1st and be know as Portal ECHO (C)

No new subscribers will be taken after December 31st and this will be the last Portal I ever start.

Existing Portal members always retain the right to add funds throiugh the life of the Portal

When it ends I will share methods on how to do this yourself.

Initial investment is £1000 or units of up to a maximum of 15 units.

A £200 fee is due with no furtherfee payable for 6 months guaranteed.

fees wil be incremently charged as the balance grows and members will be made aware of the target figures and when fees are due.

Failure to pay fees sees your account closed

Your funds can go down as well as up.

To invest one unit please click the button below and pay £1200 I will then confirm receipt and your dtae of commencement of betitng and forwrad you an agreement.

For investments of multiple units please mail ftsincomemail@gmail.com and I will send details over for a bank transfer


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