Premier League Preview & Antepost

The big kick off tonight and Arsenal host Leicester. I expect Leicester to be brushed aside fairly comfortably and see Arsenal battling in the Top 4 race this season particularly if they add one more and keep Sanchez. It is always difficult to make decisions and bet befofe a ball is kicked owing to the nonsense in my opinion of the transfer window running to the end of the month.

On this occasion I am quite glad there are a few weeks left as Daniel Levy seems to have lost his pen to sign contracts or his Fax machine is broken down to request transfers. Once again Spurs have recouped 70 odd million and the squad is threadbare. I hear all the waxing lyrical about how good Spurs are, this is the most barren period in the clubs illustrious history where trophies are concerned, spanning back 30 years now. Having secured Top 4 for the second year running it surely was time to kick on and buy a couple of top signings. Kane or Alli get injured we are in real trouble. Alderweireld gets injured we are in real trouble and we still need  another creative player. Asking the same players to play 40-50 games a season and keep up there is for me nonsense. Spurs were humiliated in Europe the last two seasons and do not seem to learn. Last year we scrapped around on the last day and ended up at 11.39 pm spending 30 million on Moussa Sissoko – shambles

The game has got out of control spending wise, mediocre players going for 40-50 million is I believe unsustainable. Man Utd have spent well over half a billion in 3 years, Man City and Chelsea spending fortunes. Only one team can win the league and only one team can win the Champions League and then you have to compete with best of Europe, Barca, Juve,Bayern, Real and PSG. A lot of money is wasted chasing two prizes. The modus operandi is to spend 200-300 million minimum on a new team each summer or the Spurs method of spend zilch and end up winning nothing then losing your best players. Despite a lack of success the Arsenal model looks somewhere near right for financial stability.

So anything could happen in the next couple of weeks, Spurs surely will buy someone – cue 31st August. Arsenal may strengthen and keep/lose Sanchez. Liverpool may lose Coutinho, Mourinho will keep moaning about Ed Woodward, Chelsea could implode internally and Man City will buy who they like.

So the antepost advice is tentative at best at the moment.


I still fancy Chelsea particularly at twice the price of City. They were so good last season. Spurs were superb and still finished tailed off in second. Chelsea may lose Costa but have Morata, I am sure they will add more. I don’t think Matic will be a big loss, he was horrendous in the 2-0 defeat at White Hart Lane but ultimately for me it comes down to the manager. I think Conte is by far the best manager in the league and that is my opinion on the deciding factor. I know people will disagree, it is an opinion. Guardiola definitely has a squiggle next to his name after the first season and his continued defence of the keeper showed his vulnerability in this league, for me he has a lot to prove. Mourinho of course a fantastic winning record but something not right the last two seasons and he is another with a lot to prove and I don’t think United can match Chelsea. The Europa League saved him last season otherwise you could of argued in today’s climate he was worthy of the sack? I know United fans who stated if he didn’t get at least Top 4 he had to go.

Top 4 – I cannot see Man City out of the top 4 and surely United’s spending must get them back there eventually and it will probably be this season. That will leave Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool vying for 4th place with Everton not far behind. I think it will be between Arsenal and Liverpool. Spurs were unbeaten at WHL last season and horrendous at Wembley, I think the move will be a bad one and the squad is thin. Arsenal are better than the press they attract and I think if Wenger had not messed around announcing his intentions they would have secured Top 4 last season. If Liverpool lose Coutinho then I think Arsenal take 4th comfortably. If Arsenal lose Sanchez and Liverpool keep Coutinho then it could be reversed. It is that up in the air. If Daniel Levy spends 200 million it could be Spurs. It is sickening but money wins the day 99% of the time before people remind me of Leicester!


Huddersfield and Brighton understandably down there and look about right on price. I would love to see Brighton stay up personally. I struggle to see how Newcastle are a bigger price than Swansea, Watford or Burnley. I think the Magpies could be headed for another implosion and look worth a dabble at 5.1. They have failed to really strengthen and if they start badly and the managerial merry go round starts Rafa will soon head elsewhere.

Recommended Bets – Follow at your own risk and money is tied up for the season, positions can be traded on the exchanges

Winner – Chelsea 2 Points 5.4 Betfair

Top 4  Finish – Lay Tottenham 4 Points 1.9 Betfair

Relegation – Newcastle 1 Point 5.1 Betfair

Top Scorer Lacazette 1 point 13 .5, Morata 1 Point 22 – Both Betfair


So the big kick off is in about 8 hours time and if you have not joined FTS Ultimate yet then you really should now. The members area opened today and the first odds sheet was produced and the new traffic light database has gone down a storm in just the few hours it has been online for members. I have posted some analysis and three tutorial videos in the members area to get people off and running with a load more to add this coming week.

It really is the way forward for you to profit on your football betting and I have plent y lined up to move everyone forward this year.


I have received some stick and abuse this week for promoting Ultimate, some justified as we did too much last year but it is I believe absolutely superb this year and people will do very well.

I mentioned in one email that FTS is more profitable than five of what I would call so competitors make and I stated fact. One of the said party sent me a very abusive email and the just today I get an email from that service promoting bookmaker links. It makes me crack up and I used to bang on about it but it was a waste of time.

The reason and only reason a provider would promote a bookmaker be it on Twitter, a website or even a matched betting site is that the bookmaker pays them and pays them well. The likelihood given gamblers nature – and this happens even with the best matched betting products – is that the customer takes up the Fee £10 bet offer or whatever it is,  he then has an account at that bookmaker and goes on to do his brains over the years. The bookmkaer pays the affiliated site for bringing that customer in and continues to pay him for life on that punters losses. I detest the practice.

So to that service stick this picture in your pipe when hurling abuse out, this is why people should join FTS – we will show you how to win. This is from 2010 onwards when you have the same I will start listening. one thing is for certain I am 100% committed to taking some FTS customers who apply themselves on the journey this picture represents.

If your not in now then it will be another seaosn before I can even start to help you. Only FTS Clinic Members, VIP 1-2-1 clients,  and FTSUltimate members will be invited to a day to learn more about this screenshot in January 2018.

When we shut the doors my focus will only be on FTS VIP 1-2-1 members, FTS Ultimate members and posting the FTS Beginner Selections that is it period.

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2 thoughts on “Premier League Preview & Antepost”

  1. Hello Ian,

    I have followed you for years and not just because I support the spurs !

    It’s great to be able to purchase your latest and highly recommended product/service.Thank you for offering me as well as many others the opportunity to start earning – regularly.


  2. I have a feeling that all is not well at Chelsea…I predict Conte will not see the season out and Mourinho will lead MU to the title.

    Money is ruining the game and its all of us that are made to pay for this folly…Sky money does not come out of thin air!

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