FTS Betslip 24th January Episode

30 thoughts on “FTS Betslip 24th January Episode”

  1. Hi, Podcast easy to find. It was easily followed and clear enough.
    Personally wouldn’t want this to replace the PDF. Good work though.Much appreciated.

  2. Hi mate good sound and set up / racing side was spot on for me straight to the point as of what to do, football for me over the top I don’t like getting all the info as of why the bet is there and it confuses me so I need to listen a couple of times before I am sure I have the correct bet (but then again I’m not a football fan) so that might be what others want just not for me, the racing side is that what you are going to be doing the in running side and trading? / overall good for me.

  3. Hi Ian,
    It took a little while to find the podcast. (Maybe me being stupid).
    Received crystal clear on mobile, Volume perfect.
    Excellent podcast and would be happy to receive it in place of PDF.

    1. No complaints from me at all. Easy to find, loud enough, and bets and reasoning precise. Quite happy if this replaces the pdf.

  4. Took me a few seconds to find the podcast (when you press the podcast button the episode appears quite low on the screen , but once you find it , its fine.)
    Sound is very good.

  5. Easy to find on PC & Mobile and Loud & Clear.
    Quite happy to replace the PDF as I always make notes.
    Moving forward I would appreciate Podcast re trading horses.
    Have been trading football for a few years but trading skill with
    horses I do not have.

  6. Easy enough to find sound quality and volume was great.
    I felt like it was long enough and not drawn out, everything was explained well and clearly.

    I’ve logged in on a PC with windows 10 and it was not a problem but I did send an email saying I could not log in from an android phone, I can log in on an iPad and all was well with that so not sure if it is a problem my end or a compatibility issue.

  7. As always Ian, everything very clear and concise. Easy to find and no issues with sound quality. I like the PDF but would be far happier with a daily podcast as I think you’re able to cover a lot more and I’m sure it would save you time too. As you know, I don’t always agree with you but I like hearing your views and reasons behind why you select your bets so would like this to become part of the daily podcast. Overall, really impressed and looking forward to the podcast evolving over time.

  8. Hi Ian.
    Finding the podcast was easy enough. Found it to be clear and very informative, good to hear the thinking behind your selections.
    I would be quite happy for the podcast to replace the PDF but perhaps run both at the moment until users get used to it and then phase out the PDF? Just a thought.
    Great work as always and thanks for all the hard work your obviously putting into this and the new site.

  9. Excellent Ian! Perfect volume and clearly stated bets.

    I would definitely prefer this on a daily basis than the PDF. Because I like that you explain shortly why you see value in the bets/selections and to me that means a lot of understanding your reasoning behind the football games or/and horse selections.

    So I am hoping you will continue with this excellent podcast!


  10. Hi Ian, I enjoyed the podcast- viewed on a MAC, for me its good as I can hear your thoughts whilst still browsing internet, working on odds sheets etc. I think a link at the top would be good, maybe a dropdown menu which has the videos and podcasts.
    Volume wise etc its perfect.

  11. Thanks Ian – I enjoyed that! Took a while to find but that’s a one off – not a problem now I know where it is. Sound and contents fine. The horse tip was an added bonus that I wasn’t expecting but am very grateful for. Happy with this format or the PDF – whatever is easiest for you really.

  12. Hi Ian looked in the members area first as thought that would be where it would be but soon found it in the learning zone. Easy to follow but prefer the PDF format.

  13. I like the podcasts Ian. Location and sound not a problem.
    If these are to drop in ‘off the record’ bets / tips, general advice / rants then i think its a smashing format. However, i wouldn’t like to see them replace the pdf.

  14. Hello Ian
    Found the podcast easily- sound was perfect on mobile
    Still prefer to see pdf for these as I like to follow the bet that’s written down – Football bet was easy to follow as I know the main bets you advise but racing bet I am aware of but would want that so I could read as I would have to play podcast a few times to make sure I am on the right track – due to lack of experience probably.
    With pdf I get notification – would podcast be the same as I would miss a load if not.
    Look forward to viewing tomorrow

  15. Very nice, sounds great and as always great information. One thing is the last place I thought to look was under Learning Zone. I tried Blog first then guessed Learning Zone but maybe it needs it’s own heading ‘PodCast’ or ‘FTS BetSlip PodCast’?

  16. I like the overhaul of the site in general – neat, clean and simple.

    Podcast – found easily enough and the sound was crisp and clear. I would suggest, however, maybe incorporate the podcast (and articles and videos) icons into the banner at the top (poss between ‘FTS Income’ and ‘Home’) – as needed to scroll down a bit to where they sit just now.

    I like the PDF’s as they stand, as they can be opened and kept open on screen for easy and instant referral throughout the day. But I also like the way the podcast can incorporate more info behind the reasoning for the choice. So, I’d be happy with either (or both). But it’s your workload, so your call.

    GENERAL – is it possible to have a Portal section within the main website (separately password protected, of course?). As a point of note, I can access the Delta one easily enough, but for Echo I have to open up a different browser (eg: Chrome to Internet Explorer!) to access it. I don’t know what the numbers on Portal are, so maybe not worth changing anything, but thought it worth mentioning.

    Anyway, all the effort is much appreciated.

  17. Hi Ian Podcast Great No problems at all on PC + iPhone.
    No problem for me personally if it replaces pdf.
    Couldn’t sign in on iPhone though and thinking it would be in members area if it replaced pdf. Can get home and menu buttons but not sign up or log in.
    Anyone else have same issue. My crap phone is iPhone 6SE

  18. Finding the podcast was straightforward. Content was good (not too long, not too short) and the volume /clarity was excellent.

    Personally, I would prefer to keep the PDF as I like to refer back to it when placing the relevant bets (especially when drip feeding when I want to check that the times are correct). I suspect that would be a bit more difficult trying to find the relevant part of the audio file.

  19. Hi Ian, all loud and clear on my PC, just wish I had finished work earlier as I had backed Swift Approval this morning,never mind I had the winner and 3rd in the 3.00 at Gowran Park, I found it easy to understand so no problem there but Janine was like a Rabbit in the Headlights sitting across the room, I think my Jack Russell understood more than the wife, if this is better for you it’s fine by me I will have to edgamacate err in doors.

  20. Hi Ian

    Easy to find and sound is perfect on mobile. I like the format and would be more than happy if it replaced the PDF. As is mentioned above would be ideal if we received a notification or had a set time each day to login and access the podcast. Thanks mate.

  21. Podcast fine. Would still like printed version to accompany. Easier as reference when written down than having to find the section in the audio.

  22. Hi Ian,
    Enjoyed the podcast, audio was excellent.
    Would take a bit of getting used to but as it stands I still prefer the pdf to keep open in another window for reference! Maybe it’s just a case of making notes instead though! Great work.

  23. Logged in again Friday morning and had to search a bit to find it.
    As others would like to see Podcast placed in top banner say next
    to Blog

  24. Hi Ian,
    Once I found it on the home page it worked fine, hearing your thoughts on a selection is always a bonus. Clear sound and good volume. I would miss the PDF if you discontinued it though. Thanks

  25. Hi – as a one-off it took me a while to realise it was in the learning zone. (Anyway, why not give the full URL if you are going to email us to notify of the existence of a new podcast each day?)

    I enjoyed the podcast – but I would prefer not to get rid of the pdf as I would like to refer back to the bets/trades and on a day where time is short it’s quicker to glance at a pdf than to listen to a podcast

  26. Perfect – sound brilliant and very easy to follow. I note down bets so pdf are unnecessary to my mind but everyone is different

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