Tis The Season To Be Jolly

Been a while since the last blog post mainly owing to time constraints. I had a lovely time away and it was just nice to not be in front of a screen from 7.00 am until 10.00 pm 7 days a week. I enjoy what I do a lot but it was nice to leave it be for a while and just do some mobile bets on our travels. Had a really nice time. It was great for Sam and I to spend some time together with nothing to worry about but ourselves. When your at home together 24/7 you do take things for granted and end up going through the motions and we had a lot of laughs whilst away. She had a scan when we got back and got the all clear this week so all in very much the season to be jolly! She turns a very old 52 on Jan 1st so it is a nice early birthday present.

The downside of going away is you have to catch up when you get back and I have been manic since I got back. The football comes thick and fast this time of year with barely a day off. Email to catch up on, external services, Portal, and we then we had the first live trading day on Sunday in London, which was a superb day and thanks to all those who braved the weather to turn up.

It was great to see some new faces and of course some old regulars travelling from parts of the UK such as Glasgow, Oxford, Bournemouth in the snow and also over from Europe as far as Norway was fantastic. I felt the day whilst serious was a lot of fun and the venue was good which I will use again. We did some trades on the day and you could not make it up we had one loser live in the room – of course my old foes Liverpool. One more goal in that game and it would have been a beautiful day but we had to exit that one for a loss and I had to let out a few expletives at the time aimed at the old Scousers (red side of course).

It was the hardest seminar day I have put together on a personal basis. I have a routine and just do these things daily, producing excel sheets, formulas, calculations and finding potential money making trades. Getting that down in a format I could share and getting people to use Excel etc as I do I found quite frazzling but the audience were great, very patient and I learned a lot on what can be improved. I have set about that this week. The guys in Birmingham and Cambridge will benefit from me having done the seminar already now and I will be getting more automation involved for attendees but the guys in London will also get this process made simpler have a head start on trading so it is swings and roundabouts. The content of the trading days is the best I think we have shared. The last big football seminars I did in 2015 I gave 3 methods for people to start. I always state that after a seminar I doubt one or even 2 will still be using the info in 12 months time. Sure enough the Autumn of 2016 the 3 methods hit a rocky patch but they are now a combined 40 points or so up having won any losses back and been on a good consistent run all for placing a few bets on a Friday morning.  They will continue to grow nice and strong as they always have. The sad part is people lose 20-30 points then give up and that money is gone they give themselves no chance to recover it. The Ultimate fixed odds bets have had a poor few weeks but will be a prime example where people stop and they bounce back.  This current set of seminars the information is phenomenal, it is exactly what I do every single day and I left quite confident on Sunday that people may well give it a go particularly as the risk is a lot more controlled than just straight bets. Be interesting to see how the year ahead pans out for attendees.

It is a busy period this next 2-3 weeks. We have something like 6 top flight fixture programs in 20 days and odds sheets etc will be coming out 2-3 times a week. Unlike previous years I will continue the racing files and databases over Christmas and the New Year so there will be little respite. I always find it ironic that Turkey choose to play football on Christmas day so even that day sheets will be produced. Thank you Turkish FA. I will catch up a load of admin over this next couple of weeks in amongst producing all the data we need for football and racing over this period and of course a bit of shopping! I know I ask you to be patient on a regular basis, but please be patient I always put the punting side first and at the moment it is thick and fast on the football front and it is the time of the year for visiting people and Xmas drinks here and there etc. Everything will get done.

Portal wise all is good I will update both Delta and the new Echo portal pages over this coming week probably Monday/Tuesday next week. We have had another good period so long may it continue. The window to join the Portal closes January after that only existing clients will be allowed to add any funds etc and I wont be starting any new Portals after this one.

Football wise quite a bit has happened since my last blog.  It would appear I got Man City wrong and I cannot see them not winning the league now. When a team like Chelsea wins 7 out of 9 and lose ground you know the standard is exceptional. As long as Mourinho wins nothing it keeps me happy. Big Sam is back, annoying Pardew is back. It is a right old managerial merry go round. I am sure Allardyce said he was retiring. He will be back in the England frame soon.

Fair play to Burnley, I think Sean Dyche has been amazing and I love the fact they kept him even when they got relegated. It just shows you can give people a chance rather than wheeling out the same old dinosaurs. How Southgate manages England and people like Dyche don’t get a look in amazes me. The World Cup draw has taken place and England have a favourable draw. It seems the aforementioned Southgate has a free pass whatever and I am sure the England can win it frenzy will start in the New Year – they cant and they won’t.

My own team, the not so mighty Spuds reverted to type failing to beat West Brom, losing to Leicester and hanging on at Watford a run of results taking them out of the running for everything. They wont get top 4, Juventus will put paid to any forlorn Champions League hopes and as soon as we run up against a decent side in the FA Cup that will be that. I get accused of negativity but it is more like realism. I feel we have missed a huge opportunity to kick on and the new stadium will be reverting to Thursday night football and we can look forward to the Woolwich boys  enjoying taking the mick. The arrogance, and that is what it was, to think we can rely on 3 or 4 players to perform every week and not buy players in the summer to compliment or improve was a joke and Poch and Levy will reap what they sow when players depart over the next two years. I am taking Suggsy to the game tonight so interesting to hear his views as they often differ from mine.

I think City will have a good chance in the Champions League, particularly if they can continue and put the Premier League to bed early so they can rest players.

Black Friday came and went along with all the garbage BS promotions you think that will be it but know I get new loopholes form Agora, Betting Rant, Footy Advisor, Betfan etc every day. I added it all up this morning and if I had followed everything I read across 35 emails today I would be over 18,000 points up in 2017. Why on earth am I getting up at 4.00 am on a Saturday to process football sheets I must be officially mental. I will sort that in 2018 may join a few and blog the live results if anyone wants to volunteer to keep some results, do some guest blogs please contact me. Mind you they must be up at 4.00am producing all the marketing emails they arrive like machine gun fire.

I am going to resume some free selections in 2018 also putting that together now it is purely aimed at those with a small bank getting going so look out for details for that.

That is all I have I will be back next week with Christmas wishes and any other news. It is the season to be jolly, enjoy your Christmas parties, festive drinks, time with friends and family, don’t drink and drive ( you will spill it) I am off to Wembley to probably become decidedly unjolly.




9 thoughts on “Tis The Season To Be Jolly”

  1. Great news about Sam. Sunday was great and and your Liverpool (and Arsenal) meltdowns a joy to experience. Have a great Christmas. I’m off to buy another Siouxsie and the Banshees T- shirt. All I’ve bought recently is a heater control knob so I think I deserve it.

  2. I am disappointed not to get the usual rant! There has been no letup for the “fake mug bets”. I’m obviously a sweetheart of Agora as they’ve been good enough to single me out for the “covert trader’s secret cash loophole”. Oh, wait, I’m not allowed to let this fall into the wrong hands. I mustn’t pass the video to anyone. This one, which is freely available if you go to their website! https://pro.agora.co.uk/p/PPT1/EPPTTC02/?email=david.yeates2%40ntlworld.com&a=5&o=76049&s=96120&u=26331&l=789309&r=MC2&vid=hPYsUB&g=0&h=true

  3. Great news about Sam. Tell her to come to the Cambridge trading day so I can meet her. Maybe she can give me a recommendation for Christmas dinner in Malta. Have a great holiday.

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