Trading Days 2017-18

FTS Trading Days 2017-18

Very Few Places Remain

Come along for a consistent LIFE CHANGING income

Over the years at FTS we have run numerous seminars, and most recently, our Masterclass series. Whilst all of these have been great at helping a vast number of people, we know that everyone is unique, with different banks and different strengths and weaknesses. We also know that there are those who are now ready to take their football betting from beginner to intermediate or even advanced level, which can eventually lead to a life changing monthly income.

Are you ready to take your winnings to the NEXT LEVEL?

Introducing FTS Trading Days

Where before I have lectured on discipline and shown long term methods that require a bank and a long term approach. The Trading Days focus on one thing and one thing only. Profiting from that days football using my methods, formulas, staking and game selections.

I will make sure you have access to the same resoucres for 30 days after the een then there is a small ongoing cost, (less than £5 a week) and permanent supoport and a video area for you to refer to

It will be Purely Trading

The day will involve no seminar style lectures we will download my exact sheets – I have 63 to choose from each day.

We will go through and pick the trades for that day and I will explain the exact process and share my formulas.

We will live trade all afternoon the games as tey happen

Only Limited Places 1 place left in London, 0 in Birmingham, 6 in Cambridge then we are closed until Winter 2018 at the earliest

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Learn to make exactly the same trades as me daily

Note this is trading strategies that can be implemeted any day there is football, the work is done in the morning but you need to be able to monitor trades or see if games qualify on scoreline or price. It is exactly what I do on a daily basis. The opportunity for profit though is huge and only limited people will get to see it. Thishas to be done face to face for the maximum benefit

You will be able to see first hand how Ian is able to win regularly and how he has now managed to win almost £3,000,000 in winnings on Betfair alone! Can you afford to miss this?
The key word of the day will be Value and Ian shows exactly how he finds it and what sheets he uses. This will be in your hands the very next morning.

Evaluate what has gone wrong

This will be very simple for anyone to operate and a lot less stressful than long losing runs. Every trade is explained and managed and will be detailed on the day.

We hav e awhole new host of resources at our disposal that were put together over the summer. When to use current form and when to look back further to maximise your profit pulling opportunities

Video help and on-going support

Ian has recorded a series of videos to back up the match selection and trading process follow the value at your own paceand take your own trading to anew level with simple easy to understand strategies.

Want to lay the 0-0 HT score – why should you, what rice sould you lay at and where is the value. This is all done for you, and given to you first hand. No one person can fail at this it just then will be alloting time to your trading

The majority of people lose at gambling, don’t miss this chance to be one of the few who actually win

How can we know this?
Because Ian does this every single day

This will be like sitting next to Ian in his office at home and watching him work when the football is live. Imagine how much you could learn!

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Take the next step

If you have attended one of our seminars in the past, then I assure you this is completely different. We won’t be covering the basics such as mindset or things like the FTS Odds Sheets, the purpose of these days is just simply trading and profit when value presents itself by giving you the sheets and formulas and staking and strategies you will be armed for life on the exchanges.

A few venues, only a few available spaces

Obviously the downside of running days like this is we only have space for limited numbers so some people are going to be disappointed. Because of room sizes, and also for the amount of information and one to one time needed on the day, we have to keep these strictly at numbers the rooms can take and on a first come first serve basis. So, if you are interested in attending any of the venues please book immediately to avoid disappointment.

The venues and dates are as follows (the start of all sessions will be at 9.30am, 9.00am meet for coffee):

  • London – Sunday, 10th December 2017 (1 Places)
  • Birmingham – Saturday, 6th January 2017 (CLOSED)
  • Cambridge – Saturday, 27th January 2017 (6 Places)

We will not be running these football trading again until at least late 2018, SO DON’T MISS OUT! Book your spot for £269, Just a £99 deposit secures your place NOW

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This is not like anything we have done before, so don’t miss your opportunity to watch, learn and be guided by the best around.