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You may have heard of Will Lattimore from his work with At the Races. He brings more than 15 years experience and an enviable reputation for delivering profits week after week; and we’re delighted to have him on board.

Will doesn’t deal in rumour, speculation or ‘stable whispers’. He just offers tips that are based on his analytical approach to racing, hours of research and data analysis, and an in-depth knowledge of the form book.

It is this attention to detail that has cemented his position as one of UK racing’s leading authorities.

Profit Potential

Thanks to his in-depth experience on the course, Will turns over consistent profit on an ongoing basis – which of course ensures you a great return on your investment.

As you will hopefully be aware, horse racing betting isn’t a get rich quick scheme or a foolproof method of paying for that Caribbean Cruise. There will be losing bets and money lost, because that is the very nature of the game.

But what we can promise is that our horse racing tips are being delivered by one of the best – and most respected – pundits in the business.

Will’s record speaks for itself. So can you afford to miss out?

Subscribers get Will’s selections emailed to them directly on a weekly basis – enabling you to back his tips as and when you want to.

So take a leaf out of Kevin, one of our subscribers’, book:

I have been with Will Lattimore for a few months and again cannot fault his service. He provides full reasoning behind his selections and write-ups after the race. I’m currently over 100 points up over a 15 week period. So if you are interested in Horse Racing then you would be well advised to subscribe (if there are any places left) – if not get on the waiting list.Kevin


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As you’d expect from a tipster of Will Lattimore’s repute, these tips aren’t just plucked out of thin air.

Each of his selections comes backed with a detailed explanation as to its reasoning – based on form, conditions etc. But, crucially, these aren’t 1/10 dead certs: the key to each tip is in its value.

We will help you to beat the market, yield consistent profit and introduce you to some great value winners.

Simple Tips, Consistent Profits

This is a simple tipping system in which Will has undertaken hours of research on your behalf to unearth some great tips. You can simply sit back, relax and watch the winners come in.

There are plenty of people out there calling themselves ‘expert tipsters’ or selling dreams of riches to you, but have they got the pedigree of the internationally-recognised expert Will Lattimore?

If they haven’t, maybe now is the time to make the switch to FTS Income.

Will’s record speaks for itself


It’s a piece of cake to register for Will’s expert tips too.
Just click the sign-up now button, sleet whether you want a three-month membership or annually access, enter your details and away you go!

You’ll be making profit in no time at all.
And remember to enter your email address correctly, as this is where Will’s tips will be sent.


Daily Results


For those looking for the ‘Eldorado’ of Horse Tipping services, you could do a lot worse than signing up with Will Lattimore. Consistently showing profit month after month, excellent insight to his selections and a full review of the horses (and jockeys) after each race, win or lose. He doesn’t use massive stakes for short-priced favourites like most tipping services but offers value bets where he sees an angle. Within my first two weeks with the service, he’d identified a 40-1 shot (which I managed to get on at 66-1)…and it won!! Since then, profits have been consistent. Like most of these services, you have to be in it for the long-term and maintain your discipline. If you do, Will’s selections will keep you in profit and that’s the name of the game. Definitely one to add to your portfolio.Teo
I joined in April this year and the service does all it promises.
There are selections on most days ranging from 1-4 horses recommended.There is a write up on why the horses have been selected not just the name of the horse.The selections are also graded from 1-5 points with most being 1-3.Selections sent via email around midday. I started with a small bank of £500 and worked on £5 a point.This was to cover 100 bets but in truth this was never at risk.Losing runs do occur but at the value prices we are betting at with the strike rate achieved this was never at risk.There were plenty of double figure winners during this period.My first 3 month period my balance grew to just under £750 which i considered very good from such small stakes. The service for me is simple and straightforward.As a full time carer it means i can just place the bets when i get them and just get on with my day.It takes about 5-10 mins and the prices quoted are mostly obtainable.The following days selections are also sent with a full run down on how the previous days runners performed.Good or bad its all there warts an all. A no hype service that produces the goods.A must for the betting portfolio and i have resigned for the next 3 month period and expect more of the same.Martyn
Will Lattimore’s horse racing service is the best I have come across in over ten years of gambling. It is consistently profitable and each selection is backed up with carefully considered analysis. Having met Will it is clear that not only does he know exactly what he is talking about, not only is horse racing his lifelong passion, but he has worked out angles to make a lot of money over a long period of time.Will's Subscriber
Will Lattimore – the consumate professional. A triumph of the well researched over wishful thinking: of the well presented over slapdash: of real profit over mere hope; and, as becomes a true professional, a refreshing modesty when reviewing his many winners. Thank you Will.Will's Member
Just thought I would give you an update on my experience with Will Latimore and Where The Value Lies services. I rejoined both services around 5 months ago, admittedly after losing faith previously when suffering a few months of poor results. I have learned from that, positioned my bank accordingly, and am now around 210 points up with Will Latimore service, and 22 points with WTVL. More importantly my stakes have also doubled from my initial bets, and my bank is growing at a much faster rate. I will soon be in a position to increase stakes again. I do use the selections in other ways which have provided big returns on occasions. The most important criteria for me though is having the confidence in the selections knowing that even after losing days, the winning ones will return, and my bank is growing steadily. Thanks for bringing these services to my attention Ian.
Will Lattimore’s horse tipping service is a cut above the rest. For one its profitable, but I like it particularly because Will explains why he is selecting each horse and he also reviews the results of his previous days selections. He is honest about the results and demonstrates he has great knowledge of racing when making selections, also he’s not afraid of having ‘ no bet’ days if he feels that racing is of a poor standard. If you want consistent results each month that will give you a return on your investment I’d recommend Will’s service.Mark

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