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In a world of disappointing investments and low returns, FTS Income puts control over your profits back in your hands.

Sports Betting Should Be Fun And Profitable

No more ‘tipsters’, no more get rich quick schemes, no more ‘financial advisors’, and no more bookies, all limiting your profits and reducing
your margins.

Profit is the inevitable outcome of doing the right things right – in any business. At FTS Income, we understand this and teach our members how to get every element of their sports betting and trading businesses right – to make consistent profits.

Based on the training we provide, you will choose the betting strategy
to follow. There are no get-rich-quick schemes or self-limiting loophole-based tactics on offer here! Instead, you will learn how to use data to make profitable picks (or you can use our suggestions). We will teach
you about money management, record keeping and time management

so that every element of your sports betting business is optimised for profit. Over time, as you follow our exclusive training and use our data, you will build a reliable tax-free second income. An income that you control that grows according to your needs and preferences. Most of our members are sports fans, but it isn’t necessary to make good money. As one of our most productive members says,

“I am not interested in sport; I could be betting on flavours of crisps.
The most important aspect is having high-quality data and knowing how to use it”.

She understands the principles of profitable sports betting and uses them to her benefit every week!

15 Years Online

£3m+ Won

Hundreds of Happy Members

Many different ways to win

What is FTS Income?

FTS Income is the brainchild of Ian Erskine, a successful Betfair trader. Fifteen years ago, he shared his knowledge and success with a few keen sports bettors. He blended good business
management, strategy development and data to generate consistent profits in his sports betting and trading activities.

Since then, his strategies and services have expanded and refined to create an unbeatable “one-stop-shop” for a select group of like-minded people who make a consistent, tax-free income from their sports betting and trading activities.

The FTS Community – Everything You Need!

FTS Income is about communication and community. That’s a claim that you may read elsewhere, but rarely is it true. Ian Erskine, the founder of FTS Income, is a sociable guy. The social and community aspects of FTS Income were an important part of his vision. He understands that a successful business is much more fun and more successful when one is part of a community.

If there was a way to press a couple of buttons and make bank from sports betting, we would be all over it! In the real world, that’s not how it works! You will have marvellous weeks when everything goes your way, and other weeks you will feel as though some-body hates you! Whichever happens (and we expect more of the former than the latter!) you can drop in on our dedicated Telegram channel to share your successes and receive commiseration and encouragement when things don’t go so well. Our community of members are a social bunch with shared interests and goals. We know that our
community adds to our members’ success and salute them for their contributions!

The same Telegram channel provides community support for more technical issues. If you’re trying to work out a new strategy or thinking about adding a new service to your subscription, then our community and professional team will be there to give you
support from the sharp end. Almost any challenge or issue you face will have been successfully dealt with by one or more members of our community!

Our professional support team are ready and waiting to guide you with any aspects of the FTS Income experience through our support channels. When you contact us for help with your business, you will be talking to experts in their field. People who know what works and how to do it. We don’t just take your money and leave you hanging. We are in this together, for the long haul! Over 80% of our members resubscribe each year – our support and communications are a big part of that success!

The FTS System – Everything you need to profit!

From Beginner To Pro – At Your Pace

There are no “one size fits all” solutions. You will build your success on consistent steps based on a firm foundation. Ian and his FTS Income team have created service packages designed to enable punters to enter at the level most appropriate to their circumstances and then progress as their skills and commitment allow.

FTS Beginner:

For people just beginning their journey to profitable sports betting, FTS Beginner gives you the tools and training to set you on a path toward life-changing additional income. You’ll learn a proven method that has been profitable for over 12 years and the management systems that will enable you to build your own successful business -your own success story. As your bank grows, you will add new methods to enhance your profitability.

FTS Ultimate:

The next step for punters who are probably already making some profits from their betting and are looking to maximise their betting and trading opportunities. Everything in FTS Ultimate is based upon data proven to be profitable over time. With FTS Ultimate, almost everything is done for you. All you need to do is place bets according to your chosen strategy and then get on with your day – until you check your account to write up your results!

Football Trading Systems Data:

This is the service for the data junkie! If you love to work with data, doing deep dives into the numbers, finding patterns and correlations unseen by others, then FTS Data is for you. You can either subscribe to FTS Data on its own, or as an add-on to our other memberships. You’ll get an unrivalled range of timely, accurate, data ready for processing within your favourite tools. Of course, you get the same first-rate support and community. If you’re making profits in your own way but need access to more data to grow your sports betting and trading business, then FTS Data is where you need to be.

FTS Income is More than Just Football Betting

FTS Racing and FTS Golf both use the techniques from our football betting services and optimise them for these two sports. You get the same management and bank control systems, and the same rigorous data analysis – with more than seven years of horse race data and ratings – and 3 years of Golf data.

If your goal is to bet or trade profitably across either racing or Golf, our FTS Services will be for you.

Investing Where You Control The Outcomes!

If you have been disappointed by ‘tipsters’, let down by the stock market, burned by crypto or wondering why your savings get less interest than the inflation rate, you’re not alone.

You control where you place your money and how much to invest in any sporting event. Nobody can guarantee that you will win on every football match or that every horse you back will be in the money. But, unlike crypto or the stock market, you can expect to make a consistent tax-free profit over time with our training and good quality data and analysis. You will be off to a great start when you take what you already know about investing and combine it with a professional attitude toward sports betting and trading!


Get A Taste Of FTS Income For Free!

No, we do not give away free memberships or trial subscriptions, our data is too valuable for that! But, if you want a taste of the style and type of information our members receive from FTS Income, we invite you to listen to the daily FTS Podcast called the FTS BetSlip.

FTS Betslip is a daily roundup of FTS news, tips and (occasionally) rants from Ian himself.

Subscribe for free and see what FTS Income is all about!

For your daily dose of FTS news, tips and Ians famous rants, listen and subscribe to the FTS Betslip Podcast today.

Football Trading Systems

Across Europe’s top 11 Leagues

And did we already mention tax-free? That’s like adding extra profit to every season’s revenues!


Disclaimer: Please understand the results I’m sharing with you are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter – that’s down to you!). I benefit from having been a profitable professional bettor for decades and have advanced abilities as a result. I also follow my system and do the work necessary to maximise my success. That knowledge and experience are at the base of the FTS Income Beginner offer. Your results will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as significant and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please Do Not Join FTS Income Beginner. Please note that we limit memberships each season to protect the value in our prices.


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