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750 Lottery Players


Yesterday was a day I had been waiting for to write this post. 69 days ago we started the FTS Free Tips service with Andrews selections ( not the same Andrew writing blog posts) and these were followed 34 days ago by the addition of Larrys tips.

On Day 1 when the tips started we had 869 people sign up and 869 people open the email. After 22 days this number had halved and 430 people opened the email. When Larry’s tips joined the email number spiked, still 869 people on the list and 524 opened the email.

The number who opened the email has steadily declined and yesterday a Bank Holiday Monday with plenty of racing 869 people received the email and 46 people opened it. I was waiting for it to drop below 50 people.

Over the last week Larry has had winners at 12/1 and 16/1 and Andrew had a 17.6 Betfair SP winner yesterday.

I am not surprised by the numbers of people opening as it confirms everything I have learned about people and their approach to gambling over the last 8 years running this site and meeting people and doing the seminars. Even people I think I have got to know and respect don’t fail to surprise me.

Why do we send Free Tips?

It was simple exercise to enable people to follow at no cost and actually learn from it. Had I been the recipient I would not have bet them myself but used it to learn from people who win at betting.

I would have simply set aside 10 minutes a day to paste the selections from the email into a spreadsheet and complete the returns and build a record sheet. Just using this free information I could learn more about gambling than most people do. I could see losing runs, how prices affect the losing runs and learn exactly how to approach betting on horses. All for absolutely nowt!

What you guys wanted was free tips and lottery like instant wins from Day 1. When it didn’t happen you didn’t open the email anymore. Fair enough! I googled instant win and guess what came up casino sites, shopping offers where there is always a catch and lottery sites. Off you trot 819 people I wish you the best of luck.

I start every seminar saying that only a handful of people will ever do this properly. I get called arrogant for it, smarmy, flash etc etc. In fact all I am is right and 819 people have furthered my cause over the last 2 months. I get stick day in day out, can’t tweet because it upsets people if I tweet a winner or talk about Spurs too much, so I have stopped. Can’t send bets because if they don’t win I am an idiot,so they will stop ( one guy put the tips in a yankee then gave me shite because none of them won – I mean WTF you have just go to laugh). Running this site and TRYING TO HELP is like trying to do the London marathon in a suit of armour with a ball and chain tied to each leg whilst being shot at with arrows – it’s beyond a joke!

It is a fact that the vast majority of you have no interest in learning. You have no interest in understanding that losers happen and bank management and record keeping seal the day. All you want is a tip and a winner that is it and if it does not happen you are offski to something else. No wonder you all lose!

I don’t win because I am smarter than you I win because I do it better than you. I have gathered over 1.5 million lines of record keeping and it grows at about 2000 lines a day as I record every horse that runs and numerous football markets across 32 leagues. That takes time but all it does is allow me to win. I don’t expect you all to do that but you guys can’t keep records for 5 or 6 horses day at no cost to you, so you have not a jot of a chance to win.

It is an impossible task to help some of you to win and I mean that impossible. There are people who should just pack up and buy a scratch card, or better still just save the money. The hint of a couple of losers and you are all running for the hills.

It is seriously depressing to try and help people, and I mean that it is thankless. I can do seminars, write articles, produce videos whatever, it is all fairly pointless as I am really talking to about 4 people. I may as well meet them in a pub every quarter.

I am not going to say anything motivational any more you are all big enough and ugly enough to make your own decisions and if you want to carry on doing your brains then feel free. In my second ever post on this site in January 2007 I said, if you don’t set a bank and give up after a few losers and move to something else all you will ever do is lose. 8 years and 7 months on I am still spot on, it doesn’t make me happy it makes me feel sick to my stomach. Hey ho! Not a thing I can do about it.

So is it worth continuing for 46 people, we will as we have football free tips starting later this month but as with so many things once the numbers dwindle further I will pull the plug on it as it is not fair on the people supplying the information.


If I could leave you with one thing it really is take a look at yourselves and what you truly expect from any gambling because all you really do is piss about and play at it, I am in this to make serious money, 5 figures month every month, not piss around for freebies and give up an move on. Those of you who happen to have attended seminars you should know better, rather than having a panic attack after a few losers.

Want to see what FTS does really deliver if you approach it right then read this email I received yesterday which is the one silver lining of the last few weeks. This is in relation to some additional free tips I send to those who came to the summer seminars and is the reason I continue, because over the years not many of you have given me reason to!

Hi Ian

Just to say I have just passed my second target with
the Seminar Shortlist Horses.

With the profit from this one system alone I have recouped all
my costs for the Birmingham Seminar.

Once again, many thanks for taking the time to send the
selections each day. The fact they are also Free is very
much appreciated.

Due to discipline and correct staking levels, August has been
my most profitable month EVER.

Thank you so much for all your hard work. Hope you are keeping

Warm regards,




I will crack on and I will guarantee I will be proved right further. I also guarantee that in a years time the Free Tips will show a healthy profit and I will have banked a load!

In other news home wins in the Premier league have proved rare over 4 games, it will level out despite the nutters claiming football has changed and panicking. Spurs are still garbage and today is known not as Transfer Deadline Day but Rasiak Day as we scramble around trying to buy someone who can score a goal at about 11.30 PM tonight!

United – 80 million for a teenager, the game like most people who bet has well and truly gone!

34 Responses

  1. I do hope the free horse racing tips keep coming – I am one of the 46 who has been assisuously recording the prices at BSP for my records — honest! I’m really grateful for them.
    Personally I like to have around 12 months of info on a tipster or system before I use real money — although you will know beforehand if they are not for you for other reasons (like the timing of the info they provide or if you need to get beat on early with bookies who have limited/closed your acc).
    Personally I can’t understand not recording all your bets — otherwise you always have that nagging feeling that you are just chucking money away. Also helps to have the sort of personality that just liked recording and ordering things!
    New member to FTS this year and looking forward to the football season kicking off proper when the window closes and back from the international break.

  2. I will NEVER forget this – “A BANK IS JUST A TOOL”
    Keep going as this is a long term plan. Set and Forget (no trading) – how can I fail? ANSWER – I can’t!!

  3. I too am one of the 46. Can’t always get them on due to work or other situations, but I know want you are saying about the butterflies who flit from one system to another in search of the holy grail.
    You must keep records as Ian states. Only then can you be certain about the profitability of a system.
    Ian hi, been with you a long time. Remember when you were ill and in hospital. I hope now you are well. Your skin is thicker now and you don’t take the negatives to hearts so much which is good. You make enough for yourself not to have to do this. The fact that you do continue shows you passion in trying to educate the masses. You do convert some so a job well done.
    Keep it up.

  4. Great blog post as usual Ian. As you said at the seminar it’s only ever going to be a small minority that see this through correctly. I personally have only bet on the combined systems as recommended at the seminar since the season began and even though we’ve had a few adverse results I haven’t had one minute of self doubt because I know this works longterm. You’ve said it many many times that it’s all about mindset and thanks to the seminar I am in the right place with that. Keep it going Ian, there really are a few of us out here who are listening!

  5. As one of the 46ers, I sincerely hope you continue with the tips from Andrew and Larry.

  6. Hello nice comments but have you ever wondered (of course you have )why people punters gamblers investors ? sign up for FREE advice and then not take it. Would it not be better just to unsubscribe than just pi** about

  7. I agree with what you say, and it must be disheartening that people don’t have the patience to persevere, record, and reap the rewards. It can sometimes take a while to distinguish the genuine services such as yours, from those supplying free tips just to accumulate a large mailing list that they can sell on. I have subscribed to quite a few of the latter, and have to admit that it does get disheartening to have followed them for six months, and still not be in profit [real, or paper!]. But that’s all we can do – follow all the services for a reasonable period [for me, 6 months], and sort the wheat from the chaff. Your service is appreciated by some of us, atleast! 🙂

  8. Please continue with the free bets,i am another of the 46. I record all bets but changing people’s mindset is a long slow process and ultimately frustrating.i have friends who bet £1000s on the stock market but won’t take all the risk free profits from bookmakers and utilise the free information on sites such as yours.thanks for your time and effort.

  9. Hi Ian,
    I think it may be YOU that requires a motivational email.
    Sounds to me that aspects of human nature are getting the
    better of you.
    My advice is don’t let the buggers get you down. We who have
    the profit and benefit from your teachings and systems – still love you !
    Please carry on the good work.

    Cheers, John.

  10. HI Ian,
    I do always open up emails from you, I know its always worth a read, and you know what your talking about, shame others don’t follow. please keep the free tips online, thanks

  11. Hi Ian Loved the blog. made me laugh. I was quite surprised at the amount of people that drop out. Thank you for the lesson i have just realised im not keeping proper records and this will addressed. Only been with you for 34 days. keep up the good work.

  12. Hi Ian, I am one of the many that initially opened the free tips emails just out of interest, I didn’t bet them and don’t intend to, I have enough to do with all the FTS ONE services! So you’re 819 people who gave up is actually 818. See it’s not all doom and gloom!

    Joking aside, I’m concerned to see the message from your member who has passed his 2nd target on the seminar racing selections as I am nowhere near my 1st. I’m going to send you my results and would be grateful if you’d look over them to see where I’m going wrong, if at all.

    Thanks for everything, even though you get frustrated FTS is still the best and getting better – IMHO

  13. Great blog post Ian. I haven’t been to one of the seminars yet but have been reading your blogs and learning from them. I have been subscribing to a few tipsters for the last 8 months (and sticking to them and recording all results) as I used to hop and change but since sticking the ones that work I am up every month and growing a nice bank. Will Lattimore is by far the best so thank you for the recommendation. Please keep the free tips going as I am using them daily also.
    Thanks for your patience and please keep up the good work as you are helping some of us.

  14. funnily enough just updating my spreadsheets following 10 days holiday, just as this blog post appeared. I’m a new man following seminar !! I agree filling them in on a daily basis gives you a much better feeling re the types of emotions you get with long losing runs etc, rather than merely looking at a historic spread sheet. Challenging start to football season but onwards and upwards.

    Thanks from me as well for these free tips.

  15. Very true. Think that is the major difference between winners and losers- winners never give up

  16. Ian,

    Thanks for everything you send out. I open EVERY email from you and keep all of them in separate folder.
    I have attended Jan and Jul seminars and am FTS One member and soccerstato user so have plenty tools at my disposal without using those free ones and those paid for ones (ET, Goals, Will, etc.).
    However, I open them,read them and record some of them – only BF related things interest me.
    And as you said many times to not going gung ho for everything due to FOMO syndrome, am not doing everything!
    When I see 1pt @7/1 EW then it is not for me as it needs bookie account. Mines are either closed or limited or stripped from things like Best Odds Guarantee. And the ones which are usable, I rather keep for bonuses and freebies than be a winner there (matched betting is a big part of my portfolio). So Larrys’s bets are not for me and I do not record them as would need to check price availability at the time of email arrival and then also check Each Way part availability (some bookies may pay 1/4 instead of 1/5 etc.) and as I won’t use those selections I can see no reason to record them (but wish good luck to all those who can utilise them properly).
    I hope you will continue to send out “freebies” and will add some football ones in a due course.

    Warmest Regards

  17. Before attending the Ealing seminar I had no idea that consistent record keeping was so important. Just looking at a few weeks results on a spreadsheet brings on that warm winning feeling.
    Please keep sending. I’m saving for another bank!
    Hope to see you one day in Vegas!
    Many thanks

  18. Ian, your conversion rate maybe low…but those that do GET IT and follows your instructions to the letter, like myself…lives will be changed.

    Out of all the seminar attendees even if 30 or 40 of us are successful (which we will be if we follow exactly what you’ve laid out)….that’s actually something that should cheer you up. Not many people share information that actually leads to 40 lives being changed 🙂

    Cheers, and thanks for all your help!


  19. Hi Ian,

    I am also one of the 46. I came over from Larry’s site & I really appreciate the Free Tips. I hope they continue.

  20. Message received loud and clear. I I for one should know better, as I attended the seminars and they where fantastic. The losing runs are not a problem for me it’s organising life. I’m sure there are people who are a lot busier than I am who succeed, so not good enough from me.
    Ian I hope you will continue with all the help and advice I really do. You are a game changer for people who want the help.

  21. Hi Ian
    Your obviously pissed off that so many that you try to help just want a winning lottery ticket , truth is I was one , but have seen the light.
    I followed the tips and checked results , decided to follow with a small bank on 26/8 ,six days later the bank has grown 39% I know this is a long term project , so please keep sending the tips for the sake of the few and I promise to keep away from lottery tickets
    Many thanks for your time and efforts

  22. Ian, you are surely highlighting an aspect of human nature which is never going to change. The very fact that these tips are free will be attractive to punters and because you are a pro, they assume you have privileged information and these tips are all or mostly all going to win.

    It doesn’t work like that in the real world but people are impatient and want instant gratification. In today’s high tech world such characteristics are only further exaggerated.

    You sound annoyed and exasperated and yet deep down you knew this was going to happen – you said as much at the seminar. You have reiterated many times you have no time or no inclination to help people who cannot help themselves so screw them! Let them move on to the next shiny thing. There are many options for them to choose from.

    I think also people like having someone else to blame if there is a loser or 5. No one forced them to wager their money but it is always someone else’s fault if it does not win (irrespective that the tip might be free). The higher the subs the more expectation there is for winners.

    I liken it to the classroom (I am a secondary teacher) and a significant percentage of students want A and A* Grades at GCSE and A Level but only a small percentage will conscientiously work towards achieving them. Most want teacher to miraculously wave a magic wand and give them the powers to pass the exam with minimum work and effort on their part. It is then poor teaching or a ‘personality clash’ when they struggle to gain a C or D Grade. Let’s blame someone else…. it is a very convenient attitude to adopt.

    Ian, you should be very proud of what you have achieved over a long period; you will continue to succeed because you have the right approach/ mindset and the determination and resilience. Be pleased that you have helped some people and will continue to do so in the future. You are not one of these services that makes extravagant claims which are not fulfilled; you do not go chasing exaggerated reviews on affiliate sites. You provide a strong product which does what it says on the tin. But people have to be in the game for the long haul and the majority of people cannot cope with that. There is always a better and more successful system or service around the corner.

    There is no holy grail but you are an example to us all that a very welcome extra / sole income can be provided if individuals can only persevere and overcome their more basic instincts and insecurities. The alternative for you is not to offer any service at all and then you would no longer be affected by irrational and critical punters. But in funny kind of way I bet you miss having the odd rant.

    Thank you for offering us an opportunity to be successful; I really enjoyed the Ealing seminar. Progress is slow for me so far but I am sticking at it. I know it can work for me long term. What is the alternative? More wasted money on another sub-standard service which is guaranteed to fail?

  23. This is great, to receive free advice – FTS Free Tips!
    I do not want to miss these tips and for this reason I have three-mails of them get.
    I was very happy and could not believe my eyes that Ian offers us Free Tips service.
    We all know how busy he is, what his health and how to care for your family.
    Thank you very much Ian!
    Please do not stop!
    Sometimes it is small enough number of people to appreciate your work, but to truly appreciate!
    Be healthy Ian!!!

  24. many thanks for the free tips it is a good learning curve over the last two years I had stopped betting due to losing re sign up to for info to relearn from you ian and found what I had been doing wrong with the free info and the free tips where I have log all the info for Andrew and larry I see straight away over the last six weeks what I have been doing wrong mine was bank management I was trying to do too much with a small bank so was always on to a loser now I will restart soon again very slowly with very small bets to manage the bank properly on the free bets then progress when the bank management is correct many thanks again ian I stayed in the portal that you started and stuck with that because of the confidence and you expert knowledge and have learnt what I had done wrong it might of took two years of reading e mails but I got there in the end ready two start again to prove what I have learnt

  25. hi ian,
    everything you say is right – always!
    keep up your great work and the free tips!!

  26. Hi Ian,

    I must also be a 46er!

    First email received 25th June. Started with a £200 bank. At £2 per horse. As at close of play yesterday (31/8/15) my bank stands at £259.90.
    All emails are opened and acted upon.

    I have absolutely no regrets for following the free tips from Andrew and Larry. Thank you for making them available.

    Looking forward to the addition of the footy ones when they start.

    Please keep them coming.


  27. Hi Ian great post, your hard work and advice are very much appreciated, as are the free tips.

    Kind Regards


  28. Hi Ian

    I admit to being on and off during the free tips. But by placing only small tips I have seen my accounts show a small steady growth. I don’t keep records but what’s in my accounts don’t lie.

    To be honest, I’m now only using Larry’s tips as they’ve been more successful for me personally.

    Each week I’m able to increase the stakes of the bets as I compound my bookies accounts. Again what I bet with is peanuts, because I can only do this part time.

    So a losing streak doesn’t even affect my morale, but IS slowly building the bank so to speak.

    Keep up the good work Andy & Larry, please, please,please keep the tips coming.


  29. Hi Ian

    I must admit I will never understand why you spend your time getting so frustrated with the large majority. When you have said all along that the large majority will not cut it for whatever reason. After 8 years plus I think I would be far more inclined now to be directing all my efforts into getting those are genuinely trying to make a success of this to achieve there goals. You have said at seminars before, ” I can tell after talking to each individual for 10 minutes if there is any chance that they will make it or not” That is exactly where you should aim now Ian. Sift out those of us you feel have a chance to be successful and lend your help to them.

    I feel that I have now set myself up exactly how you have taught me at the seminars to the letter. I went away from the last one, got my bank set up. Then properly broke that down into each system that I will follow. Record sheets etc all up and running (i will be sending you my whole set up). I have a very clear plan of what I am doing right now. What I will be doing going forward. And at what points I will be taking certain actions, such as stake increase or adding a new system. I could not possibly be more in tune with all that I have learned from you.

    One thing you also told us is that “you cant follow everything at the start” I have not bothered too much at all with the free tips advice. As I quite simply have no intention of adding any more racing strings to the bow for a good while yet. That doesn’t mean I have given up on them. It means I understand not being able to tackle everything from the outset. I am following the seminar horses that you send out daily and religiously bet them exactly as per my bank set up. Also record the results daily.

    Some of us do have a chance of making what you teach us a success. So I say to you please, please, please let those who are never going to make it pass you by and lend the few as much knowledge and help as you feel you are able to.


  30. Hi Ian
    good post, as always.
    Before the seminars I didn’t keep records – well, I sort of kept bits and pieces and called them records – but I do now!
    As you said in the seminars, stop trying to sign up and do everything and start small.
    I took that to heart and didn’t want to take on recording the free tips as well but having read what you wrote about the value of the free tips I realise I’ve missed valuable information so thanks for the heads up – I think I was too keen to keep it small and too rigid in applying your advice and not clever enough to pick up on the potential.
    Sometimes I feel really dumb!

  31. Ian

    Thanks for the kick up the ar*e. You are absolutely right and I WIll be reading the e-mail and saving the data for analysis and paper trading.

  32. Ian

    I came across this post whilst cleaning out bookmarks on my computer related to gambling. I am on my way to counselling today for addictive gambling so I think I can give as bit of insight. Let me get a few things clear:
    1. Keep records
    2. See 1
    3. Have a bank
    4. Don’t chase losses

    If only I could follow those rules I know in my heart of hearts i would be profitable. I am not stupid, I understand value, and I know long term you can’t chase losers, not operate a separate bank and expect to win.

    You should take solace from that big number yes no doubt expect to win every bet and want the big wins an accumulator brings but we all know that’s the way to the poor house.

    However there will be some like me that because of the way we are programmed we just don’t bet like ‘normal’ people. Not looking for sympathy just trying to highlight that in that huge sample number there will be a lot of different groups and whilst it must pain you not being able to convert them all remember some can only be helped with professional help.

    All the very best with this and don’t lose faith.

  33. I wonder if all these comments have caused more members to check out the free bets? I hope so because Ian deserves better than a mere 46 interested members.

    Andrew may not be a Will Latimore (who is?) but he is a source of really useful tips. Two winners from two yesterday and another at 13/1 today and if that’s not enough, the Soccer selections began this weekend and are already showing signs of healthy profits. So what’s not to like about that?

    Come on guys, let’s really get behind Ian, not just with words but with tangible support – he’s one of the very few who ‘give’ in a world where most just live to ‘take’ and we need to show that his work is well appreciated.

  34. Hi Ian
    I must apologise I am one of the majority that doesn’t open
    the free bet email, I did have the intention to follow them
    but it quickly became clear that I couldn’t ever use them
    due to the time they are sent this is the same reason that
    I cant use Wills tips,I can only use tips sent the night before racing
    I have followed since July 2014 a tipster that does this
    and have stuck with it due to teachings from yourself and others, so thank you

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