13 Years online and still going strong

Welcome to FTS Income, a site created by punters for punters and now in its 13th year of operation.

Created by successful Betfair trader Ian Erskine in 2007, FTS Income has grown to become a trusted and independent source of education and information for gamblers of all levels, whether you are a complete newbie or a seasoned pro. We now have over 5000 members, some of whom have been with us since day 1 and are earning a five figure monthly income.

Who Are We?

In an industry that is full of impostors, Ian is certainly one of the exceptions. He started his betting career over 12 years ago after realising that a “normal” 9 – 5 job wasn’t for him. Having learnt from some of the best around, Ian began by trading football matches on Betfair and become one of the few gamblers out there who actually wins.

His wins to date stand at a staggering £2.8 million across his portfolio of football and horse racing systems. In 2007 Ian set up FTS Income with the sole purpose of educating people to gamble more responsibly and to ultimately WIN a life changing monthly income. A straight talker who speaks his mind, Ian is one of the genuine nice guys out there.

Our aim is to educate the average punter to gamble responsibly whilst maximising their TAX FREE profits by accessing our tips, advice and a range of tools and services.

Trading is a lonely business, come join a community of winners

Why we are different?

The main difference between us and other internet gambling marketing sites out there is that we are punters ourselves, first and foremost. We risk thousands of pounds worth of bets every single day and test our strategies before offering them to the public. We are proven winners who still win now.

Unlike these other site, we are not affiliated to any bookmaker or gambling site so we won’t try to sell their products or services to for a fee. We are 100% independent and will always give honest advise.

FTS Systems

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Don’t just take my word for it, plenty of people are profiting from FTS Income season on season and 2019/20 it just got a whole load better!

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