Bet Angel Files

This page is a resource page for Bet Angel software, in particular regarding Automation. Below you can access a number of automation files – I will be adding more over time. I use Bet Angel myself for trading and it is an excellent tool for what we do.


Bet Angel Files

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Telegram Group

We have set up a Telegram group for queries related to the files – it is only for this use, any other discussion will see people removed. Art has kindly offered to monitor the room and help people. If you have new bot suggestions they can be asked in there, we will add them if we have time and believe they offer value.

The Telegram Group can be joined HERE
The use of any of the files is at your own risk. FTS or Bet Angel will not be liable for any losses incurred in the use of these bots.

Automation File Instructions

I have a full PDF of what the following Automation files do and how to install them. They can all be configured to your own needs regarding stakes and odds brackets/limits. All stakes are set at £2 bar one bot which is £10 liability. This has been a project to get sorted so please be patient if there are any errors.

12th December

File 15 – There was an error in removing liability, this has been fixed.

17th October Update

File 2 – Improved to allow trading more Half Time score lines

File 15 – Fixed – now works as it should for Over 1.5 – 20-27-35 Minute method

File 29 – New file to automate the Ultimate Home Gains Method (Kevin Kelly method as on YouTube)

PDF Updated

1st September 2023 –
PDF Updated

Fixes and additions


11a. Lay the HT Correct Score Based on The Draw Back Price at 5 mins pre KO.baf

12a. Lay HT Correct Score between x prices.baf

Bug fix for both above – the scripts were not not storing the odds for the 1 – 0 scoreline.
14. Lay the Draw 5 Minutes pre KO Between x Prices.baf
Bug Fix – corrected to Lay The Draw rather than Lay Away
15 – Removed for further testing

23a. Beginners LTD Set & Forget.baf

Bug Fix – odds now stored at 5 minutes before KO rather than 4 minutes 58 seconds in some cases.

New feature – The log file now contains a entry for “Summary2”

              E.g. Summary2 = 1.87,3.95,1.83,1.78

  This is a comma separated list of Home Back, Draw Lay, O2.5 Back, BTTS Y Back.
  You can parse this in excel for easier recording of the match odds.

28a Over25 Back Odds BET.baf

28b Over15 Back Odds SIGNAL.baf

New rules file for FTS Ultimate File 9 sample macro.


10th July – Files 15 & 18 needed a revisit again and this has been fixed to remove liability correctly.  Remove liability now is limited to  lay to within 50% of the back price in case of a weak market.

12th April 2023 – Fixed File 15, now removes liability correctly. Fixed file 16, the file now greens your position after a goal. Fixed File 18 and you now have the choice of options to Green your position or just remove liability – see PDF.
Added File 24 – Backs Half Time 2 Ahead – Bets left to run

Added File 25 – Back Over 2.5 Goals 5 Mins pre KO will green on a goal

Added File 26 – Backs Half Time 2 head but if no goal it then backs 1 goal ahead at a price 2.0

Added File 27 – Drips Backs 0.5 FHG at minutes 22, 27, 32 and bets are left to run

Updated PDF

8th February 2023 – Removed Bot 16 – please do not use , issue being investigated. Added Bot 23 – This bot operates on the FTS Beginner LTD Fixed Odds Selections. PDF Updated

2nd February – We have removed Bot 18 as it is not working correctly

25th January 2023 Update
Bot 18 – Back FHG 1.5 with FHG 0.5 Cover has now been amended to green up the FH1.5 market  if a goal is scored before the cover bet on Over 0.5 FHG is placed. If all bets are placed the bot should just run as a single goal after the cover bet is placed would see a scratch position.

Added Bots 19-22 – Please see PDF

20th December Update

We have added a FHG Over 1.5 Bot with 0.5 FHG cover (Bot 18). This currently requires manual greening. Instructions in the PDF above. See also the addition of a PDF to set up the ability to add more than one rule to a market in Guardian. Coming early 2023 – Auto Greening the 1.5 FHG bot, HT CS bot and HT CS bot trading for 1 point max loss.

9th November

File 12 Fixed -& File 16 will now cancel unmatched bets

6th October Update

Added Suspended Condition to Bots, 2,11,12,15,16, this will ensure the market was not suspended in the 90 seconds previous to your bet being submitted to allow for VAR and Red Cards etc and proper market settling
Added Bot 17 – This will Lay 0-0 in the Correct Score Market, if a goal goes in you win, if no goal it will hedge for a loss equal to your entry stake at half your Lay entry price. Details in PDF
PDF Updated

Bot Automation Files


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