Cheltenham 2019 Day Three



Cheltenham 2019 Day Three


Day One ended in a fortunate profit owing to Roksana gaining a fortunate win

Balance Forward £99.02


Day 1 – All Exchange Prices Only I dont have betting accounts

As I state follow at your own peril, my money is on

1.30 I have been told to back two in the first race today decently so that is what I will do. Defi Du Seuil and Vinndication are the horses that I am told will battle this out.

Defi Du Seuil £100 Win 4.2 £310.40

Vinndication £60 Win 9.0 £35 Place 3.0 -£95

Running £314.42

2.10 Differing sources on for the same horse, Abolitionist which is a nice price. Mention also for First Assignment so a small bet there. Had mentions for a couple of others that I am omitting A Toi Phil and Not Many Left.

Abolitionist £40 Win 22.0 and £40 Place 5.9 -£80

First Assignment £30 Win 14.0 and £30 Place 3.95 -£60

Running £174.42

2.50 Again a race where I have been given bullish advice on two so they are the two I will focus on Road to Respect and Frodon and both in our trends PDF

Road To Respect £75 Win 4.9 -£75

Frodon £75 Win 8.6 £552.90

Running £652.32

3.30 Paisley Park I am told is not a favourite to be on at the price so obviously others then appeal. Not a word anywhere for Faugheen which surprised me age maybe caught up with that one. The two I have info for are Bacardys another trends PDF selection and and Bapaume, both nice prices. Also a small saver Supasundae from multiple sources

Bacardys £30 Win 24.0 and £30 place 5.2 -£60

Bapaume £30 Win 24.0 and £30 place 6.4 -£60

Supasundae £25 Win 11.0 -£25

Running £507.32

4.10 22 runners but mentions I have are top of market mostly. Eamon An Cnoic strong word for this one and again it is a trends PDF selection and Sirah Du Lac also expected to run a big race.

Eamon An Cnoic £50 Win 11.0 -£50

Sirah Du Lac £50 Win 8.0 £339.50

Running £796.82

4.50 Strong words for top 2 in betting Posh Trish and Sinoria and at a price Black Tears expected outrun its price

Posh Trish £60 Win 6.8 -£60

Sinoria £50 Win 12.5 -£50

Black Tears £25 Win 48 and £25 place 10.0 -£50

Running £636.82

5.30 Loads of info for this one so need to pick a couple. It’s All Guesswork from a couple of sources, just about sums up Cheltenham and certainly my approach to this race. Sky Pirate another expected to run well. Touch Kick, Captain Chaos and Out Sam other mentions.

Its All Guesswork £35 Win 15.0 and £25 Place 4.2 -£60

Sky Pirate £35 Win 21.0 and £25 Place 4.3 -£60

Running £516.82



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