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When asked on the website poll which features the FTS community wanted to next, 23% of you responded with a a fully fledged FTS Forum. You have spoken and we have delivered.


Forum Features

20 Different Rooms
Logged in members do not need to sign in again
User Profiles with Avatars and custom signatures
Direct Message users for private conversations
Mention users in your posts like twitter
User Reputation system where the cream will rise to the top
Like forum posts and replies
Linked Blog/Videos comments to forum
Thank posters for useful information building their reputation
Report Posts to Moderators to make this a troll free zone
Watch posts for future updates in your own dashboard
More features to come

Frequent Asked Questions

To be fair no one has asked any questions yet, but if you did, hopefully the answer is below.

How do I get to the forum?

There is a new menu item called Forum that is available at the top of the website or in the menu on your mobile device.

Do I need to signup to the forum?

As members of FTS Income, you do not need to signup or login to use the FTSForum. If you are not currently a member of any FTS Memberships or a free subscriber, you will need to register here to be able to post.

How do I access/edit my profile?

You can access your profile when you first enter the forum near the top, or you can click EDIT PROFILE under FORUM in the menu.

Can I change my username?

Sure, just go to Edit Profile and change your Display Name from there.

How do I upload an Avatar/Picture?

In your profile please go to Edit Avatar. You can upload a picture into FTS up to 100kb in size but please be aware the image will only be displayed 50×50.

If no avatar is uploaded, you will have a default avatar.

What is a signature and where do I change it?

A signature is something that is displayed every time you post on the forum. Use it to tell other members a little bit about yourself, a quote you like or links to your introduction posts.

You can edit your signature anything within your profile.

I have an idea for a new forum, where can I tell you?

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding the Forum please leave them here

Where should I start?

I would start by writing an introduction to yourself in the Introductions forum here.

Once you have introduced yourself you may want to link it in your signature so people know what you are all about.

How do I start a new topic?

If you want to start a new discussion, enter the most relevant forum and click the Add Topic button which is available at the top and bottom of each forum and looks like this;

How do I reply to a post?

Similar to starting a new topic, you can reply to a topic by clicking the Add Reply button at the top and bottom of a forum topic. Alternatively, you have the option to quote another message by clicking here;

Am I aloud to swear?

This is up for debate… lets give it a few weeks, see how everyone communicates with each other before putting it to the vote.

There is a profanity filter setup but for the words Arsenal and C###. Same thing.

Can I troll this forum?

FTS used to have a forum but it got so difficult to moderate we ended up shutting it down.

If this is going to work we will have to learn to be respectful of each other at all times. We do not have the time nor the inclination to moderate this forum so it is going to be self policing.

You can report messages directly to moderators by clicking the following button and telling us why you flagged the message up.

If we agree the user will incur a suspension and a second offence will result in a lifetime ban.

Play nice

What does "watch forum" mean?

Watching a forum will alert you if there are any new replies to the topic since you last checked and can be found next to the Profile button at the top.

What is the inbox and how do I private message someone?

We thought it was important to allow members to talk to each other privately without using the forum and that functionality is now available both on the forum and within your profile.

To send a user a private message from the forum just click this button;

You can also see your inbox in the top menu and within your profile. It works just like email so it should all be quite straight forward.

Can I mention someone in my posts?

You can mention someone in your posts by using the @ symbol next to their name.

For instance, if you wanted to mention Ian in one of your posts, just write @ian.

The forum will automatically help you find the right username, just start typing a username and it should show up for you to select.

When someone is mentioned in a post, they are sent a private message so they can see it and maybe respond.