Free 1,000 Points Betting Selections



Free 1,000 Points Betting Selections


Just a quick post to inform you that today sees the start of a free service that has won over 1,000 points since June. We have now included this FREE only as part of the 6-part email course as it is a great exercise to follow with discipline. This service backs high price horses – Long shots and a such it can have losing runs up to 50 or 60. You need a bank of at least 500 points and my advice is to follow.

The horses are backed on Betfair to BSP with MINIMUM PRICE set to 11. They do not win backing Win/Place as the disparity between Win/Place Odds at BSP is too out of kilter to win.

Our advice to you is follow the service it with a mythical bank and see how your nerve would hold up on long losing runs. IF you dive in it is at your own risk. We have only seen 4 months of results and this could go belly up or it could keep flying as high price horses are unpredictable.

To receive these selections you need to sign up to the FREE 6-part online course where you will also receive football tips and NFL, all for FREE! If you have already signed up to the course, don’t worry you don’t need to do anything and you will automatically get these selections. Just make sure that you check your junk/spam folder especially if using Hotmail.

Once again, we reiterate – DON’T DIVE IN! Follow and only start when you are ready to commit and comfortable with losing runs.

More new services across football and racing will be added in the next 4-6 weeks.

FTS Team

3 Responses

  1. I registered for the free 6-part online course long time ago, but not receiving any free tips for a long time, not horses, nfl, nothing…
    Could you check please if my email is on the list?

    Thank you

    1. Luis no record of you registering at all. It is the latest list not last years version of the course and accessible to sign up on home page, then verify your email, if using gmail make sure you check all the folders as recently gmail started putting things in Social and Promotions


      1. HI Ian, had to do it on a different browser, as on Google Chrome I got no place to insert name and email and thought that was because I registered last year and no need to do it again, but tried with Microsoft Edge and was able to register again. Thanks for your help.

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