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If you want Betfair price data, it’s a gold mine – especially when you compare it to the goal times and scores at HT

Neil F

I created 3 systems that profit consistently from FFD. Recommend it.

Gary S


Are You Leaving Money On The Table In Your Sports Trading Activities?

You already understand that strategy, planning, and excellent data are the key to making profits from your sports betting and trading activities. If you are following a plan and working with good data, you are likely to be already making good money.

The chances are that no matter what you are doing already, no matter which strategies you employ, you are leaving money on the table. You should be making more money

But how can you be leaving money on the table? You have money-making strategies, good record keeping; you control your bank. Surely you are already doing all the right things?

Yes, you probably are doing most things right, except for one vital aspect – you are missing out on trading and betting opportunities!

You already use data from sources such as football-data.co.uk – we will not knock that service! The price is right – who can beat free! The data is accurate and timely, and you can comb the data to spot opportunities in multiple leagues around the world.

The problem is that the number of leagues, markets and odds collected is limited.
This is an area where more is simply better. The more opportunities for profitable trades you have, the more opportunities to spot profitable trades exist.

More Trading Opportunities Mean You Make More Money

By now, you are familiar with the idea of sports betting and the price data as being a form of market. Not very different from stock markets. In a fully efficient market, everyone knows about prices and every stock is priced at its market rate.

However, stock pickers always seem to be able to spot opportunities. Stocks that are priced too cheaply. When they see such opportunities, they jump in and buy. When they do so, the price will tend to increase. Canny stock pickers and traders make a lot of money from spotting these opportunities.

The situation is the same for sports trading! That’s where FTS Football Data (FFD) comes in. By using FFD you can work with data exclusive to our subscribers. You will benefit from better prices because you will get in before other traders can get in and lower the potential profits. Think of FFD as insider trading applied to sports trading!

The ‘FTS Data Advanced Models’ Membership allows you to utilise the power of two mathematical models that generate and provide you with, at a glance, odds for every single game in 28 leagues. These prices are compared to the prices available on trading exchanges to instantly spot value across a wide range of popular football trading markets.

FTS Data advanced is our best football data trading setup yet.

All the data and market information are now contained in one single database sheet that is updated daily each morning so you are always working off the latest up-to-date information. On initial sign up you get instant access to over 20000 lines of data.

FTS Data Advanced Models now contains:

FTS Data Advanced Models Membership

FTS Data Advanced Models Membership includes all Betfair Odds 5 Minutes Pre KO, both Back & Lay for:

Value Columns for both predictive models comparing the Poisson model generated prices against the Betfair market prices. Full match results, goal times and returns after commission for every market outcome*

*Provided Betfair was fully operational at the time the market was available

Instant access to the FULL DATABASE covering all of the above to enable you to build your trading methods in your chosen market(s). For example, in the 5 Big European Leagues (Eng, Fra, Ger, Ita, Spa) where the top predicted score from our model is 2-0 or 3-0, Laying the Draw in 177 games produces 20.07 points profit and backing over 2.5 Goals in the same games produce 20.16 points profit.

The number of trading angles you can build is endless.

Each matchday if games are being played, alongside the database you will have access to a pre-match sheet with all the games for that day, all the model calculations, predicted scores and form analysis. Simply see if any games meet your criteria and execute your trading style. Betfair prices pre-match are recorded at 7.00 am each day UK time. If a price moves, simply update it to the current price in your pre-match sheet and the value will update to reflect the new price.

Members of FTS Data Advanced Models also get full access to the FTS Football Data Starter Model covering the same 28 leagues and a wealth of pre-match and historical statistics across all the markets and also incorporating Half Time data such as Half Time Correct Score prices.

FTS Football Data Advanced Models offers the most comprehensive predictive model set-up for football traders of any level to develop profitable strategies.

We also have our unique Analysis tools available for purchase, which help you speed up the process of finding winning angels and systems – you won’t find anything like this anywhere else on the internet!

FTS Data Advanced Analysis Tools

Heat Maps
Fantastic tool to enable you to examine any market that we want and find the pockets of profitably across all the leagues we have data for. Highly Visual, easy to use and incredibly quick vs. the manual way to do this. You can even get a breakdown of any areas of profit you see, so that you clearly see where and when you can make money. Invaluable for anyone who wants to take this seriously.
£349 - One Off Purchase
Inplay Analyser
When you want to be able to find value for bets while the games are In-Play, this is the best tool out there. You can clearly spot opportunities in games to profit from high value bets, where the market is clearly out of line with expectation. Ian's favourite Tool!
£599 - One Off Purchase
Value MegaTable
Analyse the thousands of lines of data within FTS quickly and easily with this incredibly useful tool. It is highly dynamic and will enable you to spot areas of interest at a glance. Guaranteed to enhance your ability to find profitable outcomes!
£499 - One Off Purchase
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FTS Data 28 Leagues

A Winning Formula From FTS Income And Ian Erskine

Ian Erskine has become a well-respected and trusted source of training and information in the online betting and trading community. Since 2007, Ian has amassed over £3,500,000 in profits.

Hundreds of our loyal members share long-term success, demonstrating that Ian and his team are around to support the online betting and trading community.

You don’t just get data when you subscribe to the FFD data service.

To ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your investment, you will gain access to all the following:

Are You A Good Fit For FFD?

At FTSIncome we always recommend that bettors and traders should proceed cautiously. Even though we know that with good data, good strategies and knowledge about the sport, profitable trading and betting is possible we do not ever recommend spending money on anything that is beyond the skills and resources of the individual.

If you are already using a sports data service, whether free or paid for; recording your own data and are comfortable with analysing data. FFD is probably an excellent way to make more money from a higher number of profitable trading opportunities.

If you have not yet entered the field of data-driven trading then FFD is not an ideal match for you! We can suggest and recommend our FTS Ultimate training package where you will learn to follow and later design your own strategies and work with data of the type provided by FFD. You can find out more

What To Do Next?

If you feel you are ready to expand your trading and betting opportunities, ready to create new strategies to enhance your trading activity, then FFD Advanced Models will be a good match for you.

The access to the full database that updates daily will give you both time and insight to maximise your profit potential. We would be delighted to have you as part of the FTS Income community, sharing and growing your knowledge within our private Telegram channel.

If you are confident and happy to make this next step toward growing your income, all you need to do is subscribe to FFD Advanced Models by clicking on the button here. We offer both monthly and annual subscriptions – with a nice discount for the yearly subscription.

Remember, when you join FFD Advanced Models, you will get immediate access to all the current FFD Advanced Models data covering 28 leagues around the world.

You ALSO get access to the FFD Standard Models (see here) to ensure you have all the data available to you to maximise your returns.

In addition to both of those, you will also have access to regular podcasts from Ian and his expert team members, exclusive training videos showing you how to use the vast array of FFD data and full email support if you need it.

Want More Information on FTS Advanced Data Models?


If you want a more detailed understanding of the FTS Data Advanced Model, please watch the video below. It includes a detailed breakdown of the databases and how we use them, including tools we are rolling out to improve the profitability of your trades and the systems you use. 


Disclaimer: Please understand the results I’m sharing with you are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter – that’s down to you!). I benefit from having been a profitable professional bettor for decades and have advanced abilities as a result. I also follow my system and do the work necessary to maximise my success. That knowledge and experience are at the base of all our FTS Products. Your results will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as significant and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please Do Not Join FTS Income. Please note that we limit memberships each season to protect the value in our prices.


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