FTS Income - All Forums https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/ Simple:Press Version 6.2.1 jb8426 on Keeping fit to trade locked down https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general/keeping-fit-to-trade-locked-down/#p1538 General https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general/keeping-fit-to-trade-locked-down/#p1538 If you have Spin Bike in home can throw in some sessions additional to the weights and circuits. Nothing complicated just something to keep lungs and heart ticking over. Simple 20 x 1min on spin bike with 1min off i find personally works well....  or 2 sets of 10x 1min..  10 x 2miins  with 90secs off...Always looking for that basic 20mins of work effort to keep the engine going.

Sat, 28 Mar 2020 20:44:44 +0000
scouser on Home Working 2 - Heaven or Hell? https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general/home-working-2-heaven-or-hell/#p1537 General https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general/home-working-2-heaven-or-hell/#p1537 As most of us who are not key workers will be spending a lot more time working from home here are a few suggestions if you’ve never experienced home working for more than a few days before. I have worked from home for decades and love it but I have known people over the years who have tried it and found it difficult.

As I mentioned in the first post, the bedrock of our lives are the routines and habits we have and this current situation has thrown many of them off kilter. This results in many of us feeling uncomfortable because what gives our daily life dependability (and sometimes meaning) has been disrupted.

During this period we’ll start to develop new habits and routines but they can take a while to set in: some psychologists say it takes a minimum of 30 days to embed a new habit. So here are just a few considerations to bear in mind while we get used to the new realities.

There are two fundamental ways of how we like to work: one is to follow a plan, schedule or routine; the other is to be more spontaneous, instantaneous and go with whatever seems best at the time. Whichever of those two polarities you veer most towards (because we’re all somewhere between the two), that’s what you need to try and replicate indoors.

I’ve known some people who work from home who do not feel comfortable unless they’re dressed as they would be if they were at work. So, if that’s the same for you, ditch the tracky bottoms and footie top; but if it isn’t the same for you, dress in whatever you want. The main point is, dress however you feel most comfortable.

If you read articles online about working from home (and I encourage you to) you’ll mostly find that they promote the follow a plan/schedule route. So, if that’s the way you prefer to work, go that route; but if it isn’t, don’t. Fit your working routine around your preferences not someone else’s or an article writer’s (including mine).

If you like routines, set them up: start work at 09.00, work till 10.30, take a 20 minute break, work again till 12.30, and set each day how you want it to be; prioritise your tasks, cluster your phone calls, don’t work during your breaks; if possible, replicate your working day as closely as you can to what normally happens.

If you prefer a more informal approach then work to that: maybe forego fixed times and aim at the outcome you want rather than the routines that get you to that outcome; so if you feel like working between 18.00-19.30 (and you can), go for it; if you want to take breaks when you want them and for however long you want them, do it.

If variety is more important for you than regularity then my suggestion is definitely aim for the result you want rather then the process of how you get there. However, if regularity is more important to you than variety then set your routines so you stay within your comfort zones.

As well as how we like to work, take into account how you like to get your energy. At opposite sides of the bar are extravert and introvert. Extravert meaning that you tend to get most of your energy and motivation from the outside world: e.g. other people, situations, or things. Introvert meaning that you tend to get most of your energy and motivation from your own inside world: e.g. personal satisfaction, knowing you’ve done a good job or staying true to your values.

If you tend towards the extravert you probably don’t notice how much you require external stimulation until it’s not there. So, set it up: phone people, set up a Whatsapp group, keep in touch via social media; look out the window at the outside world, have a radio or tv on in the background, get out in the garden, take breaks more often so you don’t get fed up with your own company.

If this is what you are like, don’t be surprised if you get bored easily and do not get as much accomplished as you would do at work; so, make the effort to put variety and interactions into your working day and notice how you can gradually increase the amount of work you can get done in a working day.

If you tend towards the introvert you may well be enjoying the isolation already and feel more relaxed and rested by not having to interact so much with other people and the outside world. So, use the time to start or complete what you haven’t been able to, decide when you want to interact with people (e.g. towards the end of the day to catch up with colleagues), and who you want to spend more time communicating with and who less time, take time to stay quiet and think while you’re free from interruptions and distractions.

If this is what you are like, you may find you are getting more done in concentrated bursts than you normally would at work. One of the points to remember though is that if you’re working at home and not communicating much with whoever you need to, they won’t know what you’re doing and may interpret your reduced communication negatively so remember to let them know what you’re doing and how you prefer to work.

Also, if you’re used to going out to work, either to the one location or to travel a territory, you will get itchy feet at times. So it may be an idea to get out for a while if you can (but only if you can follow all medical and government guidelines and precautions) because you’re not going to be at your productive best while you’re frustrated at being stuck indoors.

Maybe sit on the patio or do a spot of gardening for a few minutes; go out for a 15 minute walk or jog (or however long you want); take the dog out for an extra walk; jump in the car and go for a short drive; or whatever else can take you out of the house safely for a break. If you can’t, or don’t want to, leave the house then try going into a different room for a change of scenery and a different view out of the window.

As we’re all going to work from home more these next few weeks or months, try and use the time to establish how you work best in these temporary circumstances; maybe even ask people you live with or who know you how they think you work best because they may have some useful observations.

My final consideration would be to monitor your feelings a little more than usual to make sure the isolation isn’t negatively affecting your moods and if it is, try to take steps to move towards a more positive mood, if you can. One way you can monitor your mood if you’re more extravert is to notice if you’re being more negative or critical in your behaviour to other people; if you’re more introvert you may notice you’re more negative or critical in your thoughts and feelings about yourself.

Bear with it if you don’t like working from home and make the most of it while it lasts if you do!

Sat, 28 Mar 2020 16:22:24 +0000
scouser on Home Working 1 - Daily Routines https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general/home-working-1-daily-routines/#p1536 General https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general/home-working-1-daily-routines/#p1536 As someone who’s worked from home for decades I’m well used to living without the stimulus of going out to work regularly and thought I’d jot a few points down in case there are a few people not used to seeing the inside of their own house for hours at a time each day and could do with a few reminders.
What I’m about to write is common sense but common sense doesn’t actually affect anything until we take action and turn it into common practice.
The skeleton of everyday living is made up of the routines and habits we have.
We are mostly unaware of all the routines and habits we depend on (getting up to go to work at the same time, eating when it’s lunchtime, meeting the same people, travelling familiar routes at the same time seeing the same people doing it too, etc) but these times have rattled all our cages and are likely to have made us aware of what we unconsciously do – and that can cause uncomfortability or irritation because “it’s not normal!”.

That can mean we feel in a bit of a limbo so it’s a good idea to look to the basics to get some control back in your daily life.

If you have to stay home more than usual, try and work out new routines to give yourself that comfortability of familiarity and regularity – like walking the dog twice a day instead of once or doing 15 minutes of gardening or cleaning.

When you feel irritable you have energy that you need to get rid of so if you can do something (it doesn’t need to be cardio exercise, it could be unloading the dishwasher, for instance) it will help to start to disperse that energy.

The best way to tackle the disruption is to be proactive and do something rather than increase the inactive habits that are normally a relief to our usual daily activities: so, maybe increase your exercise or study the U1.5 stats in the PL rather than watch more tv or eat more snacks – easy to say but it needs a little discipline to do.
Then there’s being mindful of the big three: diet, exercise, sleep.
These three are the body’s first fundamental activities for physical health, well-being and energy levels.

Everyone knows what to do but during these unusual times it may be a good idea to remind yourself of what you know so you can make sure you’re doing what the experts tell us we need to do – like taking care of your diet.

Being at home will likely cause you to eat more than usual and, as you know, it will often be more biscuits/crisps than more fruit – so, maybe replace one sugary/savoury snack a day with an apple or whatever.

Don’t go for a complete change in diet because I guarantee you won’t keep it up for more than a couple of days – it’s always better to attempt to reduce rather than try to eliminate.

Again, you know it, make sure you exercise regularly – whatever that exercise is for you that gets your heart pumping a little quicker than normal and gently works your muscles and tendons.

If you don’t normally exercise maybe add something in a couple of times a week – if you can, just walking up and down the stairs a few times can help.
But, again, don’t aim for a huge increase just go for a doable addition.
Sleep: as the medical experts say, try and get the amount you need – and we all need different amounts.

It’s often not possible to do but even adding a few minutes a day on by going to bed a little bit earlier can help.

There’s nothing here that you don’t already know but when your equilibrium is off kilter it’s easy to miss the obvious.

Sat, 28 Mar 2020 16:19:37 +0000
scouser on Keeping fit to trade locked down https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general/keeping-fit-to-trade-locked-down/#p1535 General https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general/keeping-fit-to-trade-locked-down/#p1535 great - thanks JB

Sat, 28 Mar 2020 16:16:31 +0000
mbtrader79 on Subscriptions https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general-support-1/subscriptions/#p1533 General Support https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general-support-1/subscriptions/#p1533 I'm currently FTS Beginner level and I'm hoping to be in place to join Ultimate for next season (whenever that is!) Could someone confirm how much it was for the season? 

Is the trading group separate to Ultimate and solely for the people who attended Ian's seminars? 

Thu, 26 Mar 2020 15:16:48 +0000
Neil on Subscriptions https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general-support-1/subscriptions/#p1532 General Support https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general-support-1/subscriptions/#p1532 I think @Ian has mentioned several times on the Podcast that nobody will lose out and that subs will roll forward

Thu, 26 Mar 2020 14:39:27 +0000
anthonyconstantinou on Keeping fit to trade locked down https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general/keeping-fit-to-trade-locked-down/#p1531 General https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general/keeping-fit-to-trade-locked-down/#p1531 Anthony Constantinou says “No matter how much we keen for some essential, but staying at home is crucial at this moment". Be Safe and enjoy life

Thu, 26 Mar 2020 12:29:52 +0000
HotStreak on Subscriptions https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general-support-1/subscriptions/#p1530 General Support https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general-support-1/subscriptions/#p1530 I haven't seen an announcement or email on this, so based on a likely prolonged downtime, will subs be extended for those on yearly deals?

Thu, 26 Mar 2020 11:17:41 +0000
bladesmanstan on FDD Historic Data https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/football-data-direct-1/fdd-historic-data/#p1522 Football Data Direct https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/football-data-direct-1/fdd-historic-data/#p1522 Suppose you could be filtering stats that dont have that much of an impact between sheets. A few of mine are based around the home/away team averaging next to no goals in the last 3 home/away games. Just tried one of my 6 game systems on the full season data and all bets stopped 1st week into September. 

Mon, 23 Mar 2020 19:53:14 +0000
Neil on FDD Historic Data https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/football-data-direct-1/fdd-historic-data/#p1521 Football Data Direct https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/football-data-direct-1/fdd-historic-data/#p1521 It’s interesting I have just run some scenarios with the under 3.5 sheet master and Same for the 6 game sheet for this season and the profits are almost identical 

Mon, 23 Mar 2020 18:35:22 +0000
bladesmanstan on FDD Historic Data https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/football-data-direct-1/fdd-historic-data/#p1519 Football Data Direct https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/football-data-direct-1/fdd-historic-data/#p1519 Hi Paul, 

The 6 games results are a rolling 6 game period throughout the season, i tend to find these a lot more useful myself than just the bog standard full season stuff. For example you can see if teams have been in good scoring form or hit a bit of a goal drought etc. You can find little systems going against the grain so speak with these sheets. A contrary opinion to what the actual stats indicate. Ian has mentioned how he uses a similar approach in some of his Podcasts. Hope this helps.


Mon, 23 Mar 2020 15:37:11 +0000
oldboybarker on FDD Historic Data https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/football-data-direct-1/fdd-historic-data/#p1518 Football Data Direct https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/football-data-direct-1/fdd-historic-data/#p1518 Hi

having watched Ian's video using the FDD results, I am looking at purchasing some historic data from FDD, at the moment I only have this seasons data and have found a few potential systems using this season only and want back test from previous seasons. My question is, do you get the full season results for say FDD Match odds 17/18 or FDD under3.5 18/19 etc. Given what it says on the website about requesting which sheet you require ie. FDD Match odds 6 games 17/18 can't see the point in getting 6 game results.

Thanks in advance


Mon, 23 Mar 2020 13:04:50 +0000
Lord Dio on Keeping fit to trade locked down https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general/keeping-fit-to-trade-locked-down/#p1512 General https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general/keeping-fit-to-trade-locked-down/#p1512

gurds1991 said
Gyms are now closed in UK. People will have to do indoor exercises now or you can go to the park and make use of equipment there


True a few places in town have parks with pull up bars and even dipping parallel bars. Question is do you want to touch surfaces crawling with Corona!

Sat, 21 Mar 2020 09:11:30 +0000
gurds1991 on Keeping fit to trade locked down https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general/keeping-fit-to-trade-locked-down/#p1508 General https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general/keeping-fit-to-trade-locked-down/#p1508 Gyms are now closed in UK. People will have to do indoor exercises now or you can go to the park and make use of equipment there

Fri, 20 Mar 2020 19:55:40 +0000
theduke on Keeping fit to trade locked down https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general/keeping-fit-to-trade-locked-down/#p1507 General https://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-forum/general/keeping-fit-to-trade-locked-down/#p1507 Hi Guys,

This post is for those older members who may struggle with House Isolation and lack of excercise.

I am not a Personal Trainer or qualified in Nutrition. But I have great experience of life especially house isolation and keeping healthy.

I am 75 years of age and back 40 years ago, I lived in Bideford, North Devon, running my own business with a wife and 3 young children. And BANG I was struck down with a serious illness, which I am still dealing with. Back then I spent 3 years house bound, 18 months of which were bed bound.

Cutting a long story short, 8 years ago, hit by ME . House bound once more with Chronic Fatigue and weight @16 stone 7 & climbing, I came a cross a great little  piece of equipment

that advertised 'a full body workout' sitting in a chair. I bought it and have from that day taken control of my body. I am now 14 stone with less fat and more muscle. I can now take the

dog for short walks ( a rescue Greyhound, bless her) and look forward to my workouts even though I may miss a few weeks when the dreaded CF hits.

Now, please Guys, the above isn't about getting sympathy, but rather showing that many people have problems to deal with long before this dreadful Virus and you can sit back and moan

and let it consume you, or get off your butt and do something about it.

Have checked on ebay and that great piece of equipment is still available: Tony Little's Easy Shaper 4 in 1 Total Body Excerciser.  £12.86

I have progressed to lifting light weights and I find Youtube site called Live Anabolic very educational. They deal mainly with the over 40's

Any like minded members want to get in touch tell Ian, he can give you my email and we can chat.

Keep safe everyone, and be positive

Warm regards,  BrianSmileSmileCool

Fri, 20 Mar 2020 14:41:05 +0000