FTS ONE Odds Sheet Tutorial



FTS ONE Odds Sheet Tutorial


With the start of the season now imminent the first FTS Odds Sheet will be released on Friday morning for this weeks Premier League Games. I have had a lot (over 1000) queries of what are the odds sheet and how are they used even from some who have joined FTS ONE. To save time on Friday I have produced another masterpiece video to show you how they work and how members of FTS ONE can utilise them.

What are They – I price every game up myself across four leagues each Friday morning, the leagues are Premier League, Bundesliga, Primera and Serie A. This occupies 40 odds sheets a season and cover more than 1000 games. I can then compare my prices to those on Betfair to find value opportunities.

Those who have taken the full package on FTS ONE then get access to the database of all these odds sheets and the results and returns so they can build systems and find repeating areas that are profitable. You can see if your system works across all leagues or even at specific times of the season, so for example with the start of the season and a lack of form you can see if your system is profitable in August in the past.

The video below shows an example of how you would operate on a  weekly basis.

There are a handful of spaces for FTS ONE left, I will close it Friday for the season.

Details on membership and TO JOIN are here www.ftsincome.co.uk/fts-one-2




Only those on the FULL package receive database access (That is the July Seminar attendees package, VIP members and those who have signed up to the £499 for the season package)

The fixtures for this week shown in the video are not the actual final numbers they are simply an example. Members will gain access to the database and have the odds sheet mailed mid morning on Friday.


If you have any queries please email me, A link to this video will also be in the member area for recap and other videos will be added.

If not a Member you Can join for the Whole Season HERE – Closing Friday

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