You want to make consistent profits from your racing bets?

You Need The FTS Rap Tool

Use data that other Punters don’t have to turn the odds in your favour – starting today!

Betting on the horses without this powerful, almost secret, tool is going to cost you!

If you have been betting on horses and want to do better than you have been.
If you have seen or read about betting professionals who seem to make life changing profits at almost every meet.

If you want to move some of your betting pot over to racing from football or another sport.

Then there’s something that you need to know. The whole betting industry is against you and, until now, it was a fight that you could not expect to win!

Picking Winners Based On Recent Form And Tip Sheets Is A Fast Way To Become Poor

Bookies have the most important asset that any punter needs, and they know exactly how to use that asset – data. The bookies know everything about the performance of the runners and riders on every racecourse and every meet on which they offer odds. Their algorithms spot patterns that enable them to set the odds to make a profit no matter which horse wins.

You might get lucky from time to time. Some people seem to be lucky for a very long time. Sadly, nobody can expect such good fortune!,

Without good quality pricing information that highlights potentially profitable betting opportunities the bookies will always beat you in the long term – no matter how lucky you feel!

Why Should the bookies always win?

Simple answer, they shouldn’t. At FTS we think that punters deserve a break – and for many years we have worked hard to make it happen.

If you are new to betting, whether on horses, football, or other sports, we have spent many years working to even the odds between bookies and punters and we think you deserve the opportunity to profit from our expertise.

With FTS RAP, punters like you get to take control of your destiny and make consistent profits from your betting. But, FTS RAP is not for everybody! Do you have self-discipline to follow a plan? Are you able to manage your betting bank and not go off-plan when things are not going well?

No tool, no system, no strategy wins every time, but when you use FTS RAP as we will show you, then you can expect to make consistent, tax-free, profits that will, over time, change your life, perhaps in a small way, possibly in a big way!

If you can manage yourself and your betting then FTS RAP could be the best thing you have come across!

imagine what you could do if you had high quality pricing information whenever you plan your betting?

If you had a tool that showed how and when prices move, where is best to take advantage of the moves AND when you can profit from those moves

if you had access to betting strategies that have been proven profitable over many years.
If you had the confidence to back a horse at the right price.

How would you feel at the end of the day when you check your account balance?
That’s what FTS RAP gives you.

It does not matter if you are a novice punter, experienced, or moving into horse racing from football or another sport. FTS RAP gives you, for the first time, a more level playing field where you have the data and tools to place profitable bets.

Right now, you are probably wondering just how FTS RAP works to give you this life altering opportunity?

We Were Entirely Serious About Having unique data!

FTS RAP uses the data from the leading betting and trading platform, Betfair – you get three years of UK historical data covering every race, and how prices have moved on ever horse over time.

We collect your data throughout each day for every horse and every race. You will get updates on each horse at the following times:

In the Morning: 9am /10am /11am
Before the Off: 30 /15 /5 /3 /2 /1 mins
Betfair Starting Price (SP)

To make placing bets even easier, especially with automation tools, we provide a spreadsheet with just the day’s horses

You get a fully searchable database of over 230,000 horse racing results. The database holds three full years of data.

You can filter the data as you choose, to build profitable systems to work with.
When you have built a system, you can even check how well it performs using the historical data to ensure that it is profitable!

When you are staring out, we even provide you with a set of tested, ready to use, profit-proven strategies (some might call them systems).

New to betting or new to horse racing? You're covered

If you want to do more than have a flutter on a horse whose name resonates with you on Grand National day, then you need good pricing information. You need to know which prices to target at each course. Without that information you’re only guessing, no matter how much time you spend poring over recent results.

Even if you had the data, how would you sort it or spot patterns? FTS RAP does both vital tasks for you. When you start to place bets, you need some way to be consistent, a strategy that you can implement and follow. FTS RAP gives you predefined strategies that you can use to create picks that meet the criteria you define. When you have more confidence, you can create and test your own betting strategies.

If you want to use software tools to place multiple bets automatically and rapidly, FTS RAP makes that easy to do!
Of course, you can obtain Betfair data and analyse it directly. That’s not a problem if your pockets are deep enough and you have the programming skills to do so – most of us do not.

FTS RAP makes the data available to you in a very accessible form with no computer programming needed and at a much lower cost.

Work with real experts - people who know horse race betting inside out

Hi, I’m Ian Erskine.

I was one of the very earliest users of the Betfair platform. Over the years, I and our FTS members have made millions of pounds of profit from sports betting. My team and I created FTS RAP to give horse racing punters the same type of information that we provide to our members who enjoy betting on football with us.

When you have a question or need help you will be dealing with experts who know FTS RAP and sports betting inside out.

Our tools are designed from the ground up to be used to generate consistent profits. You will never hear claims of instant fortunes. We believe in steady consistent progress resulting in a consistent, life changing stream of tax-free profits.

How you will profit from FTS RAP

If you love horse racing and you want to profit from your passion, then FTS RAP gives you the data and tools that you will need to create a life-changing, tax free income stream. Here’s what you will get immediately after you sign up as an FTS RAP member:

1 Daily picks based upon the criteria

you select or our predesigned sample systems. Just check the top betting opportunities based upon the analysis tools within FTS RAP.

2 Full support

to ensure that you get the most from this sophisticated database and analysis toolbox.

3 You'll benefit from over a

decade of expert data collection and analysis of UK horse race data.

4 When you're ready to create your own strategies, you can use historical data to check the success of your strategy - just like stock and currency traders do to increase their trading profits.
5 You do not need to be a data analyst or racing expert to profit from FTS RAP. Simply follow the full instructions we provide and follow the guidance of the sample systems provided within FTS RAP.

What Is The Deal?

With FTS RAP, Ian Erskine and his expert team are providing all punters from novice to expert with the tools that enable you to profit from your betting activity.

If you have looked at the Betfair platform you will have seen that you can buy access to their data. The price for the useful levels of that service is far from inexpensive. Worse yet, that’s just for the data. You’re going to need to use data analysis tools to filter and sort it and then a whole heap of skill is needed to provide the most important part – analysis and profitable picks.

With FTS RAP you get all of that, data, analysis, betting strategies and suggested bets, along with instructions and support for just £24.95 per month!
With FTS RAP, you do not need to be a trained data analyst. You do not even need to know much about horse racing!

When you join the FTS community, you will get a full three years of data, daily updates, and full training to give you the opportunity to create your own profitable betting strategies, or you can follow the proven strategies included with your subscription.

Your opportunities to bet profitably are limitless with your FTS RAP membership and with a price of just £24.95 per month this is an easy bet to make!



per month

FTS RAP Program Will Deliver Life-Changing Results…

Check out what our members have to say about FTS RAP and how it has changed their enjoyment of horse racing and improved their lives.
These are all real people, form all walks of life, joined by one common theme – they all profit from their FTS RAP membership.

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There's No Time Like The Present!

You are reading this page because you want to bet profitably on horse racing. You understand that profitable betting is not about luck, but about data, knowledge, and good choices.

You understand that you could accumulate the skills and knowledge you need, but that takes, years to do and will cost a fortune in losing bets!

When you join FTS RAP you can be placing bets using our proven betting strategies within minutes of following our comprehensive training guide and videos.
You understand that not every bet will win, but FTS RAP will shift the odds in your favour – from Day One.

But there is a catch! The current membership price is the lowest that you will ever see. In the future we will increase the monthly cost as we add more betting strategies and training materials to the membership. The price you pay today will not increase, but delay could have a price in both the membership cost and the profits you lose by not acting now.

If you want to start improving your life by adding a new, long-term, tax-free, income stream then there really is no time like the present!

The data the pros use is now in your hands!

With FTS RAP, you get full access to both daily data and three years of historical data for every horse and race in the United Kingdom.

You get proven betting strategies that you can implement from Day One.

You get all the training you need to be able to benefit from this treasure trove of vital information and betting strategies.
You can call on our expert support team if you have problems using the tools in your membership.

For the first time, you get the opportunity to bet on horse racing on an equal footing with the professionals.
All of this can start to happen as soon as you choose to become a part of the FTS community as an FTS RAP member.

Are you a good match for FTS RAP?

If you expect instant riches from your horse race betting then, no – that’s not the FTS RAP way.

However, if you want to consistently apply the knowledge you obtain from FTS RAP to build a long-term, life-changing, and tax-free income stream then FTS RAP is for you.

You will need to manage your pot carefully and apply self-discipline to enjoy the full benefits of this unique membership opportunity.

We look forward to seeing you in our community of profitable punters.

Join FTS Rap Now - your profitable betting future lies ahead!

The cost of membership is small – right now it is just £24.95 per month. The opportunities on offer are huge.
The choice is yours. Remember, your commitment is for one month only. You can end your subscription at anytime.
Please note, because we provide you with all our data the moment you join, we can offer no refunds after you subscribe.

Are you ready to start betting like the pros?

Register To Learn My Exact Process For Making High-Quality Betting Decisions.

Disclaimer: Please understand the results I’m sharing with you are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter – that’s down to you!). I benefit from having been a profitable professional bettor for decades and have advanced abilities as a result. I also follow my system and do the work necessary to maximise my success. That knowledge and experience are at the base of all our FTS Products. Your results will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as significant and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please Do Not Join FTS Income. Please note that we limit memberships each season to protect the value in our prices.


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