Comprehensive Training and Support is available for all Members

Welcome to the FTS Training Area!

Here you’ll find all the courses that we run for our members, periodically, along with detail on each.

We offer a comprehensive training and support program for all members regardless of experience and we know that this has significantly improved the speed at which our members become profitable.

Below, you will find top-level explanations of the training on offer and more detailed overviews can be provided upon application, but you will see there is a training pathway for available every member should they need it, along with Free training videos in our Videos Section, as well as the help and advice through the Podcast and the Forum!

Entry to our Small group training programs – Accelerator and Kickstarter – is open all year round but are by application only.

What Training is available?


The Academy

These are key areas of the betting and trading journey that our members have asked for help with – to move their trading and betting forward.

Typically this training is for members who have been with us a short period of time (1-2 years) and are still working with a smaller bank on one or two systems, building these up to expand in the future. This normally means they may be operating in 1 market, with 1-3 methods, growing their bank while not being spread too thin. That is our recommendation anyway!

This is equally applicable to members who haven’t quite got to the above level yet and need more specific guidance.


This course is a level up from the Academy and is based on group training with Ian and his team via webinars and a Live Trading session, tuition is based around how to create your own systems, how you manage them and how to become a long term profitable bettor. Access is given to one of Ian’s personal systems.

The members who will use this course either have a bit more experience than the Academy or have a bigger bank to utilise. These banks may have been built through FTS or matched betting and the members are ready to progress their betting significantly with more hands-on support.


This is the top tier of training we offer and consists of small group training with Ian and his team via webinars and multiple Live Trading sessions, tuition is based around how to create your own systems across multiple different markets, how to look at data differently, how you manage staking and banks and how to become a long term profitable bettor. Access is also given to one of Ian’s personal systems and some of his daily tools.

Members who join us on this course have either a lot of betting/trading experience, a large bank, or both, and have committed to investing their time with us to become successful with our full support.

What do Previous Trainees Say....

“The content was great. Showed how many possible ways there is to make money at this game.”

“It was everything I hoped it would be and worth the investment of my time and money.”

“The whole course surpassed my expectations, to be honest, I genuinely mean this. Not trying to suck up here it is up to me to apply this learning in a sensible manner.”

How to Apply

ACADEMYComing Soon

KICKSTARTER & ACCELERATOR – Please register your interest in these courses by filling out the form below. Please be aware that we only accept people onto these courses who are at the right stage in their betting to make sure it is valuable to them.


The courses are likely to run once or twice a year, so there may be some wait time between your application being accepted and the course starting.


Learning from the FTS Team will considerably speed up your timeline to proftability, you can of course learn the path yourself, but why wait?

Training with a Tutor who has won Millions doing exactly what they will teach you sounds like a no brainer doesn’t it? That’s because it is!


Training will be deliverd online through videos, via webinar, or in person, depending on the course and syllabus chosen.

All online and Wedbinar based content will be available for you to keep and refer to indefinitely – meaning you can revisit at your own pace to cement your learning