FTS Ultimate – Intro Video 1 – The FTS Odds Sheet Database



FTS Ultimate – Intro Video 1 – The FTS Odds Sheet Database


The FTS Ultimate registration page opens on 12th July. The nucleus of the membership is the FTS odds sheet produced each week highlighting value opportunities. The odds sheets should be compared to the FTS Odds Sheet database to find profitable angles. By doing a small amount of research and building systems using the database you then compare that criteria to the weekly odd site to find its that you can set and leave. As a member you will get the database, updated every week and 40 weeks of odd sheet covering the 4 main European leagues delivered on a Friday morning.

Below is  short video explaining the process of using the database and areas to focus on..

Irrespective of what you find you have to take a longer term view. This database grows by 39 games a week and the video shows a system on the constant upgrade but not paying attention to the “human input” of dates. Potential members have to go into areas of betting such as the odds sheet forgetting, days, weeks months and seasons even exist and focus on long term upward trends. The system in the video has made me personally over 250k since 2012.


Enjoy The Video and look out for our email on the 12th July for Earlybird registration which will give you the opportunity to grab one of our limited spaces at a discount price.


Odds Sheet and Database – Explanation and Simple System- Video Approx 13 Minutes

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