FTS Ultimate – Intro Video 2 – Systems Other Than LTD



FTS Ultimate – Intro Video 2 – Systems Other Than LTD


With registration for FTS Ultimate now set and places filling up fast, I want to further show you the power of using the FTS Odds Sheet Database. I do not focus solely on Lay The Draw and you can also find betting angles in the Home and Away markets too.

Below is a simple sample system that is very low risk with low drawdowns, but steady profits. This is a typical system to put in a portfolio alongside a lay the draw method as shown in Video 1. As always, you simply have to place the bets on Friday and go about your day.

If you have not pre-registered for FTS Ultimate you only have a week left to guarantee your membership and take advantage of the discounted price. We are sure to fill spaces for this season very quickly so get your name down on the early-bird list as soon as possible.

Enjoy the video, this is just a snippet of what you can do. Members will get access to videos on how best to search for methods, when the season starts.

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