Get It Off Your Chest Ian!!



Get It Off Your Chest Ian!!


Football season is nearly here, excitement is building, but for most if we are honest the results will be much the same. The absence of the FTS blog has meant I have had to keep a lot bottled up inside my head and to be honest at times it has meant I have been scowling round the house like Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.

I use the blog as a sounding board for my own sanity as much as anything else and I have a fair old stack of issues piled in the cerebral region to come out over the next few weeks before I can feel cleansed again.

The FTS Roadshow has completed 4 of its 5 stops this summer and as much as I think it has been great for the people who have attended – we gave all two day attendees a feedback form and after going through them the comments were 98% positive – they have been a great learning curve for me to get to meet people and discuss gambling. The little one to one chats and gatherings in the bar after the days had finished have been invaluable.

My usual form of communication with people is via email – predominantly after they have lost – or some nonsense that is posted in the forum without any form of proof to back anything up and I just refuse to enter into back and forth nonsense.

The bottom line to all this communication, and the little chats at the seminars brings me to one fairly simple conclusion. People just play around at gambling with no real idea of what they are doing yet expect to make hundreds of thousands each year and are almost horrified when they don’t.

Now I cannot address that issue for most and for fear of coming across as arrogant – not really bothered a jot about that- the only people who can do anything about anything are people themselves. Just like an alcoholic must first admit he has a problem before he can deal with his drinking issue those of you who gamble and lose need to look at why and then actually do something about it. Perhaps asking people who win may be a starting point. Because there are no qualifications at gambling, people seem to think they are right when all the proof points to the contrary.

There is a qualification at gambling it is called your profit and mine so far this year stands at over £270,000 with 5 months to go. I am set for my best year ever with the addition of horse racing much more involved owing to my return to health. If I wanted to learn how to win, I would listen to me – there you go arrogant!!

In all seriousness though that is an issue that all of you should address who want to actually take this activity further and make it profitable.

Chris Jones said in his Forex presentation at the roadshows, quite rightly:

“Forex is a multi trillion dollar market, involving some of the biggest hedge funds in the world. The chances of there being a loophole, mechanical system or £37 e-book that has an edge on this market is non existent”

Yet people everyday buy systems, bots, e-books claiming loopholes. When it is put as plainly as Chris put it, isn’t it glaringly obvious how stupid that is. If I wanted to learn Forex, I would contact Chris and go and sit with him and pay what is necessary to learn to do what he does.

In gambling circles I have my own friends and people who were successful and all I did and continue to do is pick their brains. I believe you never stop learning.

Online (I know he will thank me for the plug/link), I have mentioned before that I read the Greenalloverblog and respect the man behind it. I don’t know Cassini and he does not know me, we know of each other. He is successful in the field of American sports and has won a good few quid. I don’t trade American Sports, but if I wanted to, I would want to win and my first move into that field would be to contact Cassini and ask him if he would teach me to do what he does (By the way Cassini I won’t). He may well say no and that would be his prerogative as he wants to protect his own positions and value. If he was acceptable then I would expect a reasonable fee to be charged as potentially that would enable me to make a lot of money.

Now on that issue of money let’s just tackle a few queries re the price of seminars and mentoring. In Manchester we had a lovely FTS member attend who is a long haul pilot. He wants to improve his gambling and I guess he would like more time back at home rather than hotels in different cities every week. After the first day he came up to me and said over a Peroni ” I thought I nearly had this cracked but seeing what you do and how you go about it, I need to really put some work in and ask you some questions”. Now bear in mind in 8 hours I touched on a fringe of what I do but more on that later.

I asked him what he does – Pilot – and how much training he did, years of training, then years of actual flying for little return. I asked him how much it cost to train to be where he is today – answer £85,000.

£85,000 and a damn lot of hard work to secure a job that I am sure now pays him well.

Vet, 8 years study approx cost £100,000 I am told

Doctor, 7 years study approx cost £80,000 so I am told

You see the pattern here, good jobs, good incomes generally come from hard work, application, lots of time and AT A COST.

What is it that makes people think that £37 or £199 is suddenly going to make you a six figure salary.

As provider of this site and I am not going to go all over the history of it again, but it was started as a site with an e-book as I knew nothing of the online gambling marketing world, I have made many many mistakes. I admit that. What do you do? You look forward and move on. I feel we should cater for all levels of gambler as I believe we can help all levels of gambler, but if you want to get serious about it then it has a cost, simple as that. I give plenty of free time up to run this site for no return, it generally leads to abuse form clueless individuals who would not win in a one ticket raffle. I have people who I have helped one to one and they now earn good money. I have helped people who have smaller budgets but now win small and consistently.

This is not about what I do, or pay me money it is about what you all do. Everyone reading this!

If you want to make money at this, find people that win and get asking questions. Why do people consistently listen to marketers, fancy videos flogging ebooks and soft soaping you with sickly emails to get you to buy things. Why do you do it??

It was amazing at the seminars to hear how people go about it, of course over 90% of people who have attended so far admitted to losing. Two guys I have known for 6 years now, I have met with them numerous times asked independently to have a chat with me.

The first one, I had my own vision of how he operated and boy could I not be more wrong. I thought I knew the guy.

“I don’t keep records”

“I jump systems”

“I am prone to chasing and if losing having a big bet to get it back”

How can he possibly win?? How??

I was amazed, but what has he done. Admitting it to me was like a release for him and he/I are now going to address it and I will give him all the help he wants provided he listens. If he doesn’t I am wasting my time.

The second man, grabbed me in the bar. Met him at least 4 times and again had formed my own opinion in my head of how he operates. When we had met he always seemed to ask quite taxing questions which I liked as it showed he had a knowledge and wanted to learn.

So he grabs me in the bar

” I am 35 next year and I always told myself if I was not winning by the age of 35 I would pack it in. I am not winning but know I can”

Ok so has he ever won.

” A few years back when I started with you and put some work in I used to make some nice profit. I have stopped putting that work in really, lost my focus a bit and now not winning”

So basically you were winning, took it for granted, thought it was easy etc etc stopped working at it and now you are losing.

As he was speaking to me I could see the light bulbs in his head coming back on and he was answering his own question. He didn’t need me to tell him. I will offer him some support but I expect to see him back to winning ways this season.

Now none of that is about money, or trying to rip people off it is about the fact that now with the start of the season around the corner is a great time to look at what you, why you gamble, what work you put into it and whether it really is for you.

It is as simple as that. If you think this is easy I have a simple answer


It is highly unlikely you will change my mind on what I think so it is pointless bothering, use the time to change your mind. That costs absolutely nothing to do. Sit down and go over everything.

If you gamble for fun, gamble for fun but please go and do it elsewhere as we won’t get on

If you want to take it seriously forget anything about systems, FTS memberships, mentoring, seminars, forget it all. Just have a simple look at yourself first, you may well be amazed what you find under that rock.

Betting requires skills and a certain mindset just like any other well paying job. Just like a surgeon learns to operate, I believe most people can learn to gamble correctly. The problem is they don’t want to, they want it to arrive on a fairy down the chimney and bless them with the ability to make money.

Take some time and have a look, most of all be comfortable in what you do, staking wise, mindset wise, things you bet on etc etc. I don’t trade Tennis as it is too fast moving for my make up. Chris Jones on his Forex trades 4 hour charts as it suits his mentality as opposed to fast moving 1 minute charts. He did not fall into that with luck, he worked hard and used his own skills to find what works for him.


Let me put it this way as football is starting now. I have previously used the heads and tails scenario but lets use a football match.

If we assume bookmakers are good at what they do (and they are) and they believe a team has a 50% chance of winning they will build margin into their price and probably offer you 1.9ish as opposed to 2.0. If we continue to back at these prices in these circumstances we will always lose. We need to spot value where we believe the bookmaker (or layer on Betfair) has got it wrong, that not only covers the initial discrepancy but actually allows us to profit. So we want to back teams with a 50% chance of winning at odds around 2.1-2.2 to make small steady profits. Now firstly that is difficult but then we don’t have to do it just once, we have to repeat that process continually to have any chance at all of winning. That is how difficult it is, that is what I do and that is what you need to understand as just a basic starting point.

No money needed to learn that just an acceptance of it and then set about learning it at which time you may need to part with some cash along the way.


Enough of that, this is the first in as I say along line of things to get off my chest so a lot more posts to come and we should get down to about 1 reader left in a couple of weeks. (Kieran is always telling me to be nice)

On other matters. I hope you like the new site. I know we have had some login issues along the way but this will all take shape over the coming days and memberships that need to be manually upgraded etc will be.

If you have not registered do so, we will give away free bets to registered members each month and on Monday all those who have joined us this first weekend will go into a draw on Monday for a £200 free bet.

I may as well plug the FTS memberships for the season they are available via the membership tab at the top of the page and all good value and profitable. Those of you who follow me on Twitter – @Ftsincome will already have seen that I am up and about at all hours in the morning at the moment working for the new season. I am not a “I will do it tomorrow man”, betting is my job and when I wake a 2am with something in my head I have to deal with it. (reap what you sow)

No matter what some may think FTS is here for FTS and the FTS community, we will always help people, BUT I will only help those who want to learn. That is a time issue, I cannot waste time any longer on numpties. That is a lifestyle decision for me above anything else, no alterior motives, no commercial motives (that is for another post), just one of sanity and using my own time wisely. – Got to do what your comfortable with.


That is me done I am now going to head butt a few walls, read a few emails, do a bit of betting and amazingly do some hard work. The harder I work the luckier I get!!. Enjoy the football this weekend.





14 Responses

  1. a new dawn for many i would imagine especially seminar attendees , looking forward

  2. Great to have these back Ian. And by the way thanks for the beer in Reading.

  3. great stuff, Ian. Tell it as it is. I learnt a lot at the Seminar but knew
    in my heart, I was the one who had to change.

    I have looked in the mirror and kicked the ass at the guy looking back
    at me. Have unsubscribed all the rubbish I get every day.

    Here’s to the start of a new future. I was going to end with;
    if I fail….. but no, rather, I will win, because……

  4. Great blog – I’ve always preferred the say it as it is approach.

  5. Been looking forward to this blog and you haven’t disappointed.

  6. Excellent straight talking, looking forward to moving forward, with the new presentation. best wishes and good health too.

  7. Great blog Ian, looking forward to FTS membership again this season.

  8. Straight to the point as always…..glad to hear your health is getting better…..on wards and upwards to the new season.

  9. If we always do what we have always done, we will always be who we have always been. Anon

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