Laying the Draw Pre-Match Execution

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OK, so let’s talk about how we’ll actually place the bets.

Below is a qualifying game – PSG vs Lorient

We have a Home favourite Less than 1.7 and a Draw Lay price of 5.3

The column we are interested in is the 4th column along and the bottom pink square which signifies the BEST DRAW LAY price and the money available to lay at that price. By clicking that pink box we can lay the draw at the price quoted. Again, I do not want to go into detail about how Betfair works, they do a great job of that in their training series

However, for clarity, it is important to stress your maximum risk when laying the draw.

If I was going to lay the draw in a particular game i.e. I felt the game would have a result, I would click the pink lay square for that match.

The odds in the box were 5.3. This now means that I am offering another Betfair user odds of 4.30 to 1 that the match will not be a draw.

If I selected a £15 stake and the match was a draw I would have to pay that user £15 x 4.3 = £64.50

If, however, one of the teams wins the game I receive his £15 stake less the commission Betfair deducts, which is a maximum of 5%. We already have stressed we will set 2% and refuse offers.

So I win £14.70 if the match does not end in a draw.

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