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As mentioned previously we use an advised 100-point bank. If choosing your own games or using higher prices to enter than 6.0 you may wish to increase your bank points to more than 100.

The key is to be bombproof, not macho; we want to stay in the game when a bad run comes along not put ourselves under pressure.

To increase stakes I adopt a simple approach.

When my bank increases 50% I increase my stakes by 50%

If my starting bank is £1500 and I am operating 100 point bank, when my bank increases by 50% to £2250 I increase my stakes to £22.50

1500 + 50% = £2250

£2250 divided by 100 points = £22.50 a point

Next target is £3375 and so on

Final Thoughts

This is a system and method I use day in day out, week in week out.

If you use the criteria to shortlist, research the games you then enter. Check league performances every 3-6 months and execute as instructed you will see a nice growth in your bank.

You will have losers and they cannot be avoided. Accept them as part of the process.

Set yourself a plan for the next 3 – 5 years and you will be sure to succeed.

Good luck, I truly wish you well, and we are here to support where you need us.

Ian & FTS Team

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