Match Odds Analysis – Video – Origin of FTS Betslip Trends



Match Odds Analysis – Video – Origin of FTS Betslip Trends


Below is a video showing the BASIC analysis that I use for the trends/niches I have been mentioning on the FTS Betslip Podcast. it is the intention to share this with people in ways going forward, it has issues, copying and sharing with others, not understanding it, maintaining the data going forward and the fact that i run it a couple of times a year where certain bettor would be running it weekly trying something, it loses that week so they try something else the following week.

I am keen to know if this sort of stuff interest people though both the videos and also if they would be files etc people would like a version of in some format as I can plan and get areas like that looked at in this quiet period of betting. Please leave comments below and we can incorporate it in our thinking.


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  1. Hi Ian
    At what point do you decide that a run as turned around enough from a loss and then is worth betting.
    Thanks Andy

    1. Hi Ian
      Very informative video. I have the same question as Andy but would add at what point do you consider a trend is coming to an end using lay English Championship 4.7-5.3 as an example.?
      Andy S

      1. One further thought Ian, the profit figures from the sheet you use in the video dffer quite significantly from the porofit figures I get from the Ultimate New League Master sheet for laying Championship away teams 4.7-5.3. I’m obviously missing something and would appreciate any advice you can offer.
        Many thanks
        Andy S

        1. Hi Andy S, the data from the FTS Ultimate sheets is captured on a Friday morning for the entire weekend, whereas it looks like this data comes from FDD which is captured five mins before kick off. Happy to be told otherwise but suspect that explains the difference in results between FTS sheets and this example sheet.

        2. Hi Andy, i think the sheet in the video are based on prices 5mins before KO, where as the Ultimate sheets are 8am Friday or 8am Tuesday. Thats whats i’m thinking are the differences are anyway.

  2. Great Vid Ian, really enjoyed that. Stuff to really get stuck into. Great analysis as always mate. Listening to the Pods and watching these have really broadened my mind and how I should approach things. Keep em’ coming. Cheers

  3. Hi ian,

    I think anything like this is really useful. Am a big fan of you doing videos as it enables us to go back and re-watch them a number of times to get to grips with stuff. Any education is certainly appreciated by me. I’ll be interested to see what interest there is re the sheets being made available for members, whichever way that may go 121, ultimate etc.

    Keep up the pods too, really enjoy them and very valuable in the current health climate.


  4. remarkable bit of kit – would love to be involved in something like this going forward. Currently RTS member but need to get you on board for my football aswell

  5. Hi Ian,

    Another brilliant analysis sheet to go with Ultimate would be great, I like the graphs that would help a lot.

  6. Think even a pared down version of something like this would be a valuable addition as a cross-check for Ultimate systems, letting you see visually if things might be starting to turn. Appreciate all the effort and hard work etc. Cheers.

  7. Brilliant Ian. I’ve bought a few of your historic FDD sheets and done something similar with pivot tables to find the profitable trends but very labour intensive. My questions are again around interpretation of both the seemingly profitable ond loss making trends and how to capitalise.

  8. Really informative video Ian, gives us an insight in to your process and mindset. The graphs would be an excellent addition to Ultimate if at all possible as they provide an instant overview of the filter result. Keep up the podcasts as well but perhaps tone down the singing 😉

  9. Hi Ian

    Excellent video, very informative as usual. Shows what can be achieved with all that information and excel knowledge.

  10. Thank you for giving us a small taster of the detail that goes into your work & analysis. Very informative & shows us how much time & effort is needed in order to succeed at this.

  11. More videos please Ian. They make things much clearer.
    Would you be able to do more on the Poisson sheets? For example I remember a few weeks back you posted a comment about looking at ranges of Poisson odds in addition to the suggested odds of 1.30 or less for home win, LTD, etc. I think it was looking at odds of 1.30 to 1.35 or from 1.35 to 1.40. I would like to use the Poisson sheets for more of my betting.

  12. Hi Ian.Great stuff. Very insightful and enjoyable and I would certainly be interested in the files.

  13. Finally got round to watching this , great video cheers Ian ?

  14. Great video Ian.

    What a piece of kit that is, can’t see there being anything out there that comes close.

    Just shows how much time, effort and investment goes into FTS and we’re lucky enough to benefit from some of it for free.

    Thank you .

  15. Thanks Ian,
    Interesting to see how you progress and refine from raw data. Eg eng premier in lay First Half goals can adjust FHG odds to get around 63pts from 240 bets. Similar in Germany Bund1, can get huge number of pts profit from raw data and France 1 FHG and Eng Champ.But then for me when trying to take further seemingly lose what was good buried in that that raw data. Can unintentionally start refining away and end up with a loss. Like said interesting see how you develop and move on from raw data.

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