The FTS System – Everything you need to profit!

From Beginner To Pro – At Your Pace

There are no “one size fits all” solutions. You will build your success on consistent steps based on a firm foundation. Ian and his FTS Income team have created service packages designed to enable punters to enter at the level most appropriate to their circumstances and then progress as their skills and commitment allow.

FTS Beginner:

For people just beginning their journey to profitable sports betting, FTS Beginner gives you the tools and training to set you on a path toward life-changing additional income. You’ll learn a proven method that has been profitable for over 12 years and the management systems that will enable you to build your own successful business -your own success story. As your bank grows, you will add new methods to enhance your profitability.

FTS Ultimate:

The next step for punters who are probably already making some profits from their betting and are looking to maximise their betting and trading opportunities. Everything in FTS Ultimate is based upon data proven to be profitable over time. With FTS Ultimate, almost everything is done for you. All you need to do is place bets according to your chosen strategy and then get on with your day – until you check your account to write up your results!

FTS Football Data Standard:

This is the service for the data junkie! If you love to work with data, doing deep dives into the numbers, finding patterns and correlations unseen by others, then FTS Data is for you. You can either subscribe to FTS Data on its own, or as an add-on to our other memberships. You’ll get an unrivalled range of timely, accurate, data ready for processing within your favourite tools. Of course, you get the same first-rate support and community. If you’re making profits in your own way but need access to more data to grow your sports betting and trading business, then FTS Data is where you need to be.

FTS Football Data Advanced:

If you feel you are ready to expand your trading and betting opportunities, ready to create new strategies to enhance your trading activity, then FFD Advanced Models will be a good match for you.

The access to the full database that updates daily will give you both time and insight to maximise your profit potential. We would be delighted to have you as part of the FTS Income community, sharing and growing your knowledge within our private Telegram channel.

FTS Profit Finder

If you have been betting on horses and want to do better than you have been.
If you have seen or read about betting professionals who seem to make life changing profits at almost every meet.

If you want to move some of your betting pot over to racing from football or another sport.

Then there’s something that you need to know. The whole betting industry is against you and, until now, it was a fight that you could not expect to win!

FTS Pre Race Trading

Would you like to make money from Racing – No matter which horse wins?
Would you like to be quickly in and out of a trade – minimising your risk but maximising your potential profit?

Would you like to learn from a team that has been consistently profitable for 15 years?

FTS have teamed up with a TRUE pre-race trading expert in Steve Williamson and is delighted to offer an easy entry point into the world of making money from racing – before the Race! Start from stakes at £10 and move up from there as you profit.


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