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A taste of what you get access to

  • Full access to the ‘MAIN’ Odds Sheet database of over 14,000 games with returns filled in to help you find your own strategies
  • Full access to the ‘ALTERNATIVE’ Odds Sheet database for seven additional leagues of over 14,000 games with returns filled in to help you design your strategies
  • New databases based on prices 5 minutes pre-KO both back and lay prices for Match odds and also 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 Goal markets, allowing you to bet or trade the goal markets
  • HT Correct score prices and returns allowing you to build HT strategies
  • Poisson Calculation Sheets covering every game across seven leagues, predicting the Top 3 likely scores in each game
  • Hundreds of ways to win consistently!


Using FTS Ultimate in recent years has helped to realise my ambitions to become a successful bettor/trader. It has helped me to focus on specific goals, where and how to bet, and how to get into good habits by managing my betting bank effectively. I strive to improve further, and the tools and advice on hand are easily the best value for money I have come across. It gets better each year and there are like-minded people on hand to bounce ideas off and learn from. The end goal is to be able to do this full time, and I get nearer to this each year. I can’t recommend this highly enough as a starting point to help you achieve your own goals too. Andy L
The quality of the package is quite staggering, there is everything needed to succeed and after being a losing bettor for many years I have now started to make money using FTS Ultimate. The data is second to none and the spreadsheets quick and easy to learn, each aspect of FTS Ultimate comes pre loaded with systems developed by the founder of FTS Ian Erskine, I’ve used these as a starting point to find my own systems. I now have a clear path mapped out and look forward to the next few years with FTS. Chris W
FTS Ultimate is an accurate ,reliable and meticulously maintained suite of databases for 11 leagues which includes data for an array of different markets. It is the essential starting point for any bettor/trader serious about developing and testing any systems. This applies to novices, intermediate and advanced gamblers and is suitable for both fixed odds betting and trading. This product is constantly evolving and improving and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Shane K

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