System Builder Video – Using The Trend Template



System Builder Video – Using The Trend Template


I invited everyone to take a 28 day trial of System Builder and I now show a brief video of how to use the files and the pre built trend template to find your horse race bets using this method in just a few minutes each day. The joy of System Builder is it has many uses and you can do endless research but for those of you who wish to have a bet on the horses and are pressed for time you can find qualifying bets in minutes.

We have pre built trends into a template and the macros select the horses for you. Currently we have 38 trends and these account for over 1000 point profit last year. We will automatically update the rends template sheet this end to account for changes in race code and to accommodate different times of year in the racing calendar.

The video shows you the daily process you go through to find the qualifying horse bets and how I do it. You can copy me exactly if you wish. Obviously once the bets are identified it is up to you to decide if you wish to have a bet. The results for these trends are recorded to Betfair SP, 1 point win and less commission and that os what accounted for the 1000 point profit last year.


If you have not signed up for the trial then you can do so HERE. You get 28 day access to all files, tutorials and can ask whatever questions you have as this really is the most powerful tool for racing out there.




If you have not signed up for the trial then you can do so HERE. You get 28 day access to all files, tutorials and can ask whatever questions you have as this really is the most powerful tool for racing out there.


23 Responses

  1. Thanks Ian, that’s cleared up a few questions I had. Who was that snoring in the background?

    1. Ha Ha Des no problem, more vids on way will hopefully help – that is my dog working from home she never leaves my side so i have given up and just let her lay there now. I was never going to get an Oscar anyhow!!!!

  2. Ian on using the system when i try to copy the day’s races into the Template my screen won’t let me go any lower than trend 30 – what can i do Sandie

    1. Hi – I would think your panes are frozen in the view or window menu select unfreeze panes.

      Alternatively zoom out so the excel is smaller and you should see it all

  3. Ian thanks have sorted that one out. Next – when I try to scroll down the trends box ( where it says ‘show all’ ) it does’nt scroll down the various trends. Thanks for the prompt reply – are you never away from your computer ??!!

    1. Hi Sandie it should be a drop down box as per my video click the arrow and then click on each trend in turn, when done go back to Show All

  4. Ian sorry to be such a pain but i have done everything according to the video but the drop down box will not let me scroll down to the various trends and i have tried everything !!!

  5. Ian have got it sorted it was something to do with Microsoft security thanks

  6. Ian, can this be done on office suite? or just excel.


    1. Matt it is Excel only as far as I am aware, ask in the forum as some clever guys in there!

  7. Problems with the scroll down seem to be caused at the computer’s end – if it asks to enable accessed content select yes and it ‘ll work okay – that’s what happened with my ‘Trends Template’ anyhow, though the prompt was only presented upon pasting in the days AW – not the general day’s racing sheet.

  8. Ian hi
    A question regarding staking on System Builder. Should I be using level stakes or dutching the selections?

  9. Hi Ian
    When are the selection spreadsheets available?
    If the selections can be made the night before it is possible that I could place the bets at lunchtime via my mobile (as I start work early in the morning it wouldn’t be feasible for me to do the selections in the morning).
    Thanks Neil

  10. Hi Ian,

    If we get a horse come up in two trends what do we do?

  11. Also does the 4th selection horse need to appear on the 4th row? An example would be on one of my selections it shows the order as 2,4,1,3 whereas in your video (please correct me if I’m wrong) your fourth selection horse always appears on the fourth row? Do we only abide by the numbers I presume and take them as which ones to bet on i.e. 1,2,3 with number 4 being used as just that regardless of what order they appear in?

    1. No it is top 4 rated for that data set no matter how they appear

  12. Hi all I have just started the trial but when I click on the button to show the trends ( show all ) the list of trends is not there can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong.

    1. Brian post your exact issue in the forum and one of the excel guys or Richard will help you I am sure.

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