The Fools Are Out Plus A Catch-Up



The Fools Are Out Plus A Catch-Up


It has been a while since I managed to get a blog post out. I’ve been mainly hampered by domestic circumstances (steadily improving bar the gout) and a huge amount of work behind the scenes to deliver on the FTS front.

We have the clinics scheduled now and I am looking forward to seeing old faces, and new, around the country over the next 6 months. I guarantee they will change the way those attendees approach this game. The intimate 5 people arrangement will definitely be a help.

If you have not booked, then I urge you to do so as there are not many spaces left.

Today we have written to you all about taking the FTS Clinics across the world and if demand is there, I hope we can make that happen in at least a couple of countries.

FTS Ultimate members have their Correct Score manual and I will also be making videos over the coming weeks for that. However, keep in mind that these things do take time and games need to fit my criteria before I can make the video. I will return to that subject in a bit.

The long awaited (and yes I apologise profusely again), Gambling Academy Newsletters are now in the offing. Past members can access these from the top menu, under Learning Zone. Issues 1-12 are published and we will get the rest uploaded as soon as humanly possible over the coming weeks.

I have to mention The Golf Guru who added to his year of monumental success last week with not only 1st but 1st and 2nd at the Dunhill Championship at odds of 60/1 and 45/1. This was followed up by a 28/1 place in Britain on Sunday. This guy has been phenomenal for 3 years, and whilst 2015 was quieter, you have to expect the quiet spell at these prices. But this year he has had golf betting winners all over the place and we are not talking 4/1 or 5/1, the shortest price is 16/1 up to 66/1.

With just a couple of events left in 2016, he will shut down for the year soon and we are working hard on negotiating to keep him on FTS. He writes for a couple of golf sites and his success has not gone unnoticed so I hope we can tie him down for a couple of more years and we will work on that ready for the new year and another year of golf.

Last season I “blew my brains” making statements about the Premier League and the fact that Leicester would not win it and Spurs would not make the Top 4.

The Leicester achievement is looking even more unbelievable now when you see them conceding 3 and 4 goals all over the place and only the loss of Kante being the difference. I don’t care what anyone says, one person does not make that level of difference when 22 bodies are on the pitch. Spurs I still feel gained a top 4 place by default. Even I will admit that they have improved but the lack of performance from Chelsea, Man Utd and even Man City last season made it much easier. Other than Man City our record against the top sides is awful, Pochettino sides have historically finished badly at every club, every season he has been at and we are looking short on goals. Jansen is looking like another Soldado at the moment, perhaps if he gets one, the floodgates will open.

BUT that is not my concern, as the fools have come out charging and I, along with a couple of colleagues, had a huge bet even by my standards, and it concerns my old favourites, the most overrated team in football (and I don’t mean England, I will save the Southgate as manager for another blog), I am of course talking about our scouse friends Liverpool who we have piled in to lay at 5.6/5.7 to win the title. I may be proved wrong but firstly I doubt it. Secondly when placing those bets Liverpool were 5.6 and Arsenal up around 15. We backed Arsenal (yes Spurs fans I know, but business is business) purely as a trading position.

I have not seen prices so out of kilter for years. How can Liverpool after 6 or 7 games be half the price of Arsenal (Arsenal subsequently shortened into 6.2). I do not get it. It happens with Liverpool every year and I think they will struggle for Top 4 let alone win it. I believe (and it is only my opinion) we will see the same old Top 4 with City winning the league, Arsenal second and Chelsea and United battling for 3rd and 4th. I cannot have Liverpool anywhere near it at a price of 9/2, 5/1. I make them bigger than Spurs and we certainly are not winning it. I love the fact it happens, but I don’t understand the phenomenon of it.

Not often I agree with Mourinho, as he said on Monday night they are not the next wonder of the world but the media, their fans and, it seems, a lot of punters portray that.

That leads me nicely into punters and I am going to be the first to admit it has been a difficult year, certainly for the horse racing services and March/April saw me encounter my biggest losses ever totalling in excess of 40k. I don’t remember emailing any of you about it though.

It seems that no matter what we try and do, getting a message across about how this game should be approached and the skills needed really is a waste of time and people wonder why at times I sound grumpy.

Let me start with the FTS Ultimate Correct Score manual. FTS Ultimate was advertised and sold for punters with a bit of experience. That was never hidden. So 6 games into the season I produce a manual which has stood me in good stead for a number of years, with examples of the methods, screenshots and most importantly the advice that if you dive in and get it wrong you can lose a lot quickly as these methods can produce a lot of bets over a weekend, so you need to be selective. I advised everyone to pick a couple of methods and watch the markets so you can learn how they move and how the bets work.

On Monday morning I then get the following from an FTS member:

“Ian, not happy with Ultimate and the correct score manual. I followed the methods and over the weekend I lost in excess of £1,000, I cannot see how they can work”

So obviously now my back is up and me and the said author have exchanged numerous emails over this week. To be honest I don’t have time for dealing with idiots and that is something I made clear to him.

Here is exactly what I sent out when publishing the manual:

“I do not like publishing manuals like this simply because I do not trust you as users to act with any discipline. Ultimately – pardon the pun – the success will be down to you but my experience is people do not do as they are told (those at last year’s July seminars are a huge case in point when told to follow things as are those who had access to statolite last season and acted like kids in a candy shop until the money ran out). Correct Score methods rely on statistics open to everyone and therefore finding value is difficult. You must not over trade, you must have a plan, you must not chase, you must be 100% disciplined or losses can run away with you. I can only tell you this and stress it numerous times, whatever you do you will do but we want you to win and if you act like an imbecile you won’t plain and simple.

 The information in the manual is invaluable, it is worth thousands in the right hands – it remains to be seen if you have those hands.

 The manual is the start; I will update it with further example screenshots as we move through the season as games now qualify. I shall also record videos of the methods in action so you see and understand them. I shall, if discipline is seen to be in place, add further methods through the season”

 I also placed similar warnings in the manual explaining how I would approach it, but no, someone runs off and loses £1k and that is why I don’t like doing it. I know it is a minority but it affects everyone and I didn’t sleep on Monday night after that email exchange as I am disappointed and wound up.

On the flip side, from a man who gets everything, we then have FTS Enhanced members moaning about no bets. I can send bets every single day, Trixie’s, Yankees, Goliaths, Correct Score Lay 0-0 at 20 if you like. I can go right through the coupon and send hundreds a day under different guises like the Twitterati scammers do.

Simply put, everything we do is formulated, algorithmic, calculated and guaranteed to win over the long term. I bet every day to thousands of pounds, I am more than happy to wake up and have no bets, it is an absolute pleasure. The more bets you have the more likely you are to lose. We have had a slow start to the season. Germany didn’t start until the last weekend of August, and we have had 2 international breaks and another one is due in early November, but football will flow thick and fast and the volume will reach the mean. Every season has the same number of matches in the different leagues!

I am really not sure how many more ways to say it. You choose a portfolio of services that suits you and your mentality, not dive into anything and everything. You set a bank and you go through the process. If you set a 100 point bank and 30 points lose, what is the point of emailing? If you cannot handle it, don’t bet in the first place. I find it so tiresome that 10 years on people still have portfolios bigger than War and Peace, stretch themselves too thin, stake too small, give up, moan, whine and bleat like little children. If you took everything one step at a time and did it properly then you may get somewhere.

If a bank goes that is a matter for concern and needs looking at and correcting, but it has to start with you. It has to start with choosing what suits you, setting a bank and taking emotions out and being disciplined otherwise it is all a waste of everyone’s time.

I am hoping that the GA Newsletters will help some people and hopefully drill it into them further. We will look to make them widely available once initial subscribers have all had access.

That’s all for now, we’ll be back with more blogs and videos in the coming weeks.



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5 Responses

  1. Haha,
    Reminds of me when I joined last year.
    I did everything to join on FTS.
    Ian’s words are right.
    Disipline! Good habits..Just a few minutes to scan the Soccerstato and put the bets or bets given out.
    Next patience.It is going to take 3 to 5 seasons.
    Lastly but just as important money management.
    Do not use 1 bank for the numerous things on FTS.
    I have separate banks for Davids bet and seperate bank for Will’s horse bets and have a separate bank for his lays.This excludes Ian’s 121 soccerstato filter systems.I have not increased my bank by 20% like Ken but I did not start in April.I know i will sooner or later 😉

  2. Sorry all.
    It is me again.
    Just got back from my JOB.
    You can do Ian’s soccerstato filters around your job.
    I try to scan the same time each morning and evenings if games on late like MLS.
    The thing I forgot to write lastly is P+L
    When I first joined I just did Profit and lost in the old fashion notebook.
    After my 121 with Ian I learnt to use Excel and put profit or lost for each system or tips from say Will Lattimore.
    I know straight away if I am in Profit or not not just for today but on my journey to that full time retirement.
    Regarding my P+L doing Ians 121 strats I am over 14% up since the end of June when I was given my points bank per system or strat.
    Good habit do your P+L
    I include for the football the Half time and full time score in my Excel sheets with price taken and if profit or lost.
    With a tried and tested given bank I do not get miserable if there are a sequence of losses.Beginners like Ian said would have given up and onto the next website or method.
    The other thing is if you are married or have a partner is to tell them in advance that you have to take a few more minutes on a Weekend to scan for the bets.Even the computer is doing the work for you but you have put the bets on unless you have joined Ians autobot.
    Sorry two post in one day.
    Yes at first the profits do not seem much but like a snowball down a hill will turn into something big.
    Like Ken said how much or how little you are getting for your savings.
    Like I said earlier I am up over 14% since I started at 10/6/16 and that was when most of the football had finish.
    I am looking forward to my future retirement from my JOB 😉

    1. were you in matt finigans group ? if so what do you see the difference

  3. Ian, you sound like me with my 3 year old, frustrated after telling the kid not to do something a 100 times but he keeps on doing it anyway and then comes crying when he hurts himself…

    I once said that in a classroom, not all students can grasp the subject, no matter what tools they are given. To be honest, there is nothing you can do about that and it certainly isn’t your responsibility if we don’t apply ourselves, no matter what anyone thinks, so only thing I’d say is be ‘detached’ from your members or you’ll end up in the loony bin with Kav handing you the valium… lol…

    As for Liverpool, well, there seems to be a big emotional attraction for them so when they play a couple of good games, pundits, media, fans big up their chances and the emotion gets in the way of common sense…maybe it’s historical reasons also, but seems more like hysterical! So, will they win it, like you, I cannot see it, but I like Klopp…

  4. Pui Tsui was talking about Ian’s soccerstato filters.

    If you are an Ultimate Member do you have free access to it? Or do you have to sign up for Ians soccerstato separately?


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