Time to Resume



Time to Resume


It has been a long time since I have been in touch mainly owing to a horrendous few months. I always wear my heart on my sleeve and am fairly open about things and the last 3 months in particular sent me into a fair old bout of depression, the wife was ill and is now improving, my son was suicidal over his Cambridge finals and that sort of mental health is a completely unique experience to me. It was without doubt 4-6 of the worst weeks of my life so far. He has subsequently got through it with a First and now we need to start the process of getting him the help he needs and making sure he finds his own path through life.

We then have a new dog. My wife started volunteering at the RSPCA as she was missing our previous dog and fell in love with a 10  year old Staffie who was starved and emaciated and is part of a cruelty court case. No one would take her so we have chosen to give her a home and a nice life.  We brought her home last week. Then that night the E Class Mercedes was stolen off the drive, try and do a good deed and that is what happens in return! I also got ripped off by a guy who claims to make money on horses to people which was partly my fault but will leave that for another blog post as this guy is bad news for people and I have been working that behind the scenes with the police also involved and need to wait for the time I can discuss that, these things do drag on.

I wanted to have a catch up at the end of the season but the series of events listed above meant it was not possible.

First off I have to admit and eat humble pie that Kav was right as Spurs far exceeded my expectations to finish second behind what can only be described as a superb Chelsea team. Liverpool also made top 4 so I guess next season is the season eh lads – 9935!!

Kav also showed his prowess as a coach getting his local team to a cup final and unfortunately finishing runners up.  Basically Kav owned me over the season!!

The ante-post bet advice came to a conclusion it was heart breaking to see Brighton not win The Championship and I know some of you traded that and I really fancied Juventus in the Champions League final I didn’t see the game but it appears they were outplayed. I am sure some of those backers would have traded the outcome also.

However it is now time to look forward and finally being back home having lived in Cambridge for what has felt like ever it is time to resume work and get ready for the year ahead.

I have a lot to catch up email wise, results wise and planning wise but wanted to just outline those details here so that people know what to expect these coming weeks.

My priority first is to sort out those who used Soccerstato with a way forward and that will be explained more via email, at the end of next week around the 14th July. We must respect Steve’s decision to move into a different direction and I am on the process of seeing that those who used Stato (and numbers were not great) have a means to continue their systems and research. This process has been underway since Steve’s announcement and as I state I will explain more next week

I will then by the end of this month be sorting out those on VIP, 1-2-1 and FTS Clinics so they are set for the new season with all they need. There will be slight changes here that I explain to those people over this period but do not fret it is being done

Art is working on a new version for those of you who used Bet Direct I will be speaking to him this week and will be in touch with those on BetDirect this next week or so also. Those of you who took  the VPS option it may be best to cancel the VPS and we can set you up again when Art is ready to go. To do that simply cancel the Paypal payment in your Paypal profile and email me and I will get it take care of it all. We can then set up a new VPS with the new bot and anything else you need when it is ready over the coming weeks.

We also lost the FTS Power Ratings database to hackers. I have done a lot of work on the racing side of things this last year really and showed off some of what I do on the excellent Racing weekend, thanks to those who attended I hope you enjoyed it. I am looking at the whole racing set  up as it is every day, very time consuming, much more volatile and harder to get people to stick at  so I need to look at that and see where I take it. I will be sorting out hose of you who came to Lingfield over the next month and be in touch then look to see if there is a broader need for any racing on site.

The new season will then start in August. FTS will be trimmed down. It is clearly apparent we have tried to do too much and my personal which I relayed to Kav and he agreed is we became more of a tipping service, the daily workload was far too excessive and our own punting suffered as a result and the education and ethos of FTS to get you guys doing this yourself full time gradually eroded.

My focus this season will be on full time punting for myself and helping those on 1-2-1, and those who attended FTS clinics etc.

I will have one membership for August based solely on the odds sheet and I will provide some tips from that as I did with last season Ultimate and those tips did finish in profit for the season but also show yu how to really make this process work. Details of the new season will be detailed in the first week of August.

I am well aware the last year has not been great, Will has struggled, some of the footy struggled and this game is about making money. That is the only place my focus is at and I will be in touch with all those who want to make money and may be or are struggling to see that we get you firing profits asap. it will be simpler, easier , less time consuming and cheaper for you going forward and you will win. I weill share a screenshot with you from an FTS member when he sends it to me which will giev yu all incentive to stick at it and get set for the new season


I have a ton of work to do and will be in touch next week onwards. It is time to reset for the season no matter what we are doing and get ready to make some profit into 2018.





11 Responses

  1. Be fair Ian, Kav was not the only one who didn’t share your doom and gloom re Spurs.

  2. Glad to know that you and the family are on the up. Congrats to your son for a First from Cambridge – that must have been hard work with all the other issues. Lets hope he can settle down and finds a top job.
    It is good to hear from you and I look forward to the comming months.

  3. Thanks for the update email and blog.
    Having been through depression after a failed attempt @ suicide, I know what you are going through, that was many years ago of which I have come through it.
    All the best for you and your family, hope things turn around. Looking forward to the new season.

  4. well, you’ve been put through the wringer and some… I wish you and your family better times…

  5. Chin up mate. I had a stroke in February so know where you coming from in your annus horriblis

  6. Welcome Back !
    Somebody once asked PM Harold MacMillan what the biggest problem was – to which he replied “Events Dear Boy, Events”.
    Sounds like you’ve had your share for 2017.
    Congrats to your son on his First & good luck to your wife with the dog – they become part of the family.
    Best Regards to you, Kav, Art & the rest of the FTS team.

  7. Great to hear from you Ian. All the best to you and your family. Looking forward to the new season.

  8. Ian,
    Great Blog, good honest stuff,
    Congrats on your boys First, my son had same last year Camb. he really struggled there too. emotionally etc,
    I know you must have a very proud feeling, even if it has been clouded by recent events, will make you stronger.
    Sounds like you gone thru’ the mill generally, So I’m sure we all fully understand the impossible task you had past 3 months
    trying to keep your personal stuff together, and servicing us lot !

    You have come thru’ it, god knows how, even normally I have no idea how you fit in all the work you do incredible.
    Streamlining makes an awful lot of sense. WE all believe you will do whats right for us whilst making sure your own trading
    does not suffer.

    Thanks for your update, and honesty,
    (Now i wonder how you responded so quick to my email other day ?!!)


  9. Ian, sounds like you have had a bad time. Here’s hoping to better times ahead.


  10. Hi Ian
    Hopefully all the negative stuff is behind you, now you can look forward and kick ass and continue making us loads of dough, keep it up mate



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