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The Golf Guru is exactly that. Each week he pours over the stats, courses and players in tournaments in both Europe and on the PGA Tour in America and cherry picks 2 or 3 value bets each week.

The Golf Guru 400 points continues to dig out the big priced winners we have had several 66/1 winners and one FTS member last year made thousands of a £5 double as GG had the winners both sides of the Atlantic – it really is amazing tipping . Even with just £10 stakes that is the subscription fee paid and some, in one go!

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No Golf Knowledge Needed

The great thing about the Golf Guru is you don’t need any knowledge of golf!

In fact, you don’t even have to like golf. But we guarantee that you will enjoy your weekends more when you see your 50/1 tip right up at the top of the leader board – it makes watching golf fun!

The only thing you need to do is place a few bets at bookmakers or Betfair on Wednesdays from January through to the end of November.

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FTS Members are banking Golf gur profits, one member has banked in excess of £4000 starting at £10 stakes having joined Golf Guru in May 2016, it really does deliver some big returns – you would be crazy to miss out on these sorts of profits.

He’s not alone, there are lots of FTS Income Members who have banked huge profits thanks to the Golf Guru, including us! There simply isn’t any other golf tipping service that comes close.

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Quite simply, THE GOLF GURU is one betting service EVERY BETTOR should be a member of

Simple And Profitable Golf Tips

To pick winners of events containing 160 players you need to know what you’re doing and the Golf Guru certainly lives up to his name.

His average bet is over 45/1 so you only need a couple of winners a year to cover the cost of your subscription and everything else is profit. Bets are advised each way so the regular place finishes continually top up your bank. There really is nothing else to it, receive an email on Wednesday, put your bets on and count the profits.

If bookmaker accounts are restricted, use Betfair where the prices are often much bigger and provide trading opportunities

Here are what a few of our members think of FTS Golf

Impressive Profits, never thought that I could earn from Golf. Thank you Golf Guru. I recommend this service to everyone, it is a simple back service which generates HUGE profits!

–Golf Guru Subscriber

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you! I have just had the biggest winner of my life! What a tip, 100/1 winners do not happen often and never to me, until now…. Brilliant service, delivers on time every week at great value prices, I love it!

–Golf Guru Subscriber

Ian – when is the Golf guru starting in 2020, by far the best service I have ever been a member of, I don’t know how he does it so consistently

–Golf Guru Subscriber


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People have cottoned on to the Golf Guru’s success so we must limit places to protect our loyal following

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Sign-up today for just £179 and get every selection from now until the end of 2021-22 Season

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