Video Walkthrough – 2 Ahead at HT



Video Walkthrough – 2 Ahead at HT


I have made a 30 minute video walking you through some trades using one method entering as the second half starts. Hopefully it helps some look at how they trade. I will answer queries through the podcast FTSBetslip so all can benefit from them

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  1. Hi Ian,

    Great video – nice and simple way to explain through the process. Question with regards to your data to find the price points for this method; if you are working from the half time prices across the various scorelines, what data set do you use to build your heatmaps?
    I say this because, on FDD, the under 2.5 halftime data is available, but I can’t see that for other over/under markets at HT. So are you using your own software to record the prices of the other over/under markets at HT to find the price points?

    Thanks again!

    1. I use the Over 2.5, HT CS sheets and yes my own but you can use the prices of one more goal from the HT CS and also extrapolate the goal times from that sheet for 2 more goals

  2. Really great video Ian, thanks for taking the time to put it together and sharing it. Some of us are listening and paying attention! 🙂

  3. are you talking about pre-match odds here?

    you say at start “if score is 1-0 and the over 2.5 is odds on then backing blindly over 2.5 is profitable”

    but in the examples you give the in-play odds are always high and not odds on.

    1. I have a wide range of different criteria, the 1-0 and odds on was a single example of this

  4. Hi Ian, thank you so much for the great insight into your approach and this strategy. I am sure I understand the process of the trade itself, but still find game selection a bit difficult. You are talking about your own heat map, that shows which leagues, games, price ranges, etc. have an edge. I am sure this also here is key to success. Will this heat map be part of FTS Ultimate next season? Thank you, Klaus

  5. Hi Ian

    Great video. Just a small question.
    What would you do if the first goal goes in between 80 and 85? Just before your recovery bet?

    Thanks in advance


  6. been trying for 2 days to re watch this video but its failing to play everytime

  7. knew it just tried 4 different desktop players none of them worked put it on the tiny screen mobile works first time

  8. problem solved it was a Bluetooth speaker configuration issue that was causing non-playback
    of any vid from any source

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