We Have Winners



We Have Winners


This year saw us run the first ever set of Masterclasses. Unlike anything else we had ever done before, these Masterclasses were a set of 3 rather than the usual one offs that we had done in the past. The aim was to take attendees from the beginning and give them everything they needed to succeed at this game.

We were confident that those who attended would succeed if they took on board everything they were taught and applied themselves. So we decided to run a competition and invest in two people’s systems.

The rules were that anyone who attended all 3 Masterclasses would be able to submit a system that they had come up with and we would put up a £1,000 bank and bet the selections that they send us, for them. Once they had increased the £1K bank into £3K, we would take our £1K back and give them their £2,000 winnings with nothing deducted! Basically a risk free way for them to bet and get a £2K bank together.

All of the submissions we received were very good and they were all worthy winners and systems that we feel would profit. However, we did have to choose two and after much deliberation, we have our winners.

So well done to…

Graham and Petter, who’s systems we are going to bet.

Graham’s system is a simple football strategy in the match market whilst Petter’s is a horse racing strategy. Both systems have been incredibly profitable historically, with a good number of bets and are simple place and leave rather than trading.

From time to time we will give an update on how it’s going and I’m sure both will at some point in the future write guest blogs for us.

The purpose of this competition was really to try and show the attendees that anyone can come up with a profitable system and the confidence we have in them. To win at gambling is tough but not impossible if you are prepared to listen, learn and most importantly take on board what we teach you guys.

Ian will tackle many more issues over the comings weeks and months through videos and blogs, but for now, join us in congratulating Graham and Petter. Once again commiserations to those who entered but didn’t win but thank you for entering.

FTS Team

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  1. Congrats to both – just shows you if you follow the rules and persist then all should turn out right

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