World Cup Day 16 – A Bit Of Fun



World Cup Day 16 – A Bit Of Fun


No football today a day off until the Round of 16 matches start tomorrow and they should throw up some nice betting match ups so I look forward to the coming week.

So Suarez banned for 4 months, be interesting to see how that develops, not long enough if you ask me.

Just some fun opinions on the tournament so far.


Best Player – Arjen Robben, I think he has been outstanding for Holland in the first 3 games

Worst Player – Steve Gerrard, I may be bias but I think he was just awful

Best Team – Holland

Unluckiest Team – Bosnia

Luckiest Team Greece

Best Goal – Van Persie – sublime header Watch Here

Worst Goal – Suarez second against England – just awful schoolboy errors and defending

Best Save – Sergio Romero v Iran – Watch Here

Best Game – Germany v Ghana

Best Miss – Gekas v Colombia – Watch Here (about 45-50 secs in)

Worst Game – Iran v Nigeria

Best Commentator – Danny Murphy

Worst Commentator – Three way tie, Phil Neville, Danny Higginbotham, Robbie Savage

Best Presenter/Pundit – Tie Clarence Seedorf / Thierry Henry

Worst Presenter/Pundit – Adrian Chiles, way out in front on his own.

Best Referee – None of Them

Worst Referee – All of Them

Worst Decision – Too many to mention.

Best Fans – Colombia

Most Surprising Team – Algeria

Most Deluded Team – Who Else But England!


One Response

  1. Ah no Football what do we do what do we do???

    I think the best Goal was Cahil’s against Holland, best player, a bit controversial but I think Messi, he’s struggled to get space against two teams that were hell bent on defending the life out of the game yet he still managed to make an impact, its been a lot easier for Robben to make an impact against teams that plays open football, but to do it against teams that will only give you one chance a game is impressive.

    Most disappointing team was Spain

    Most surprising team Costa Rica.

    Best game Holland v Australia

    Unluckiest team Iran against Argentina they defended well for the majority of the match then little Messi finds a way to make something happen in a difficult game.

    Worse player a tie for Spain’s entire defense against Holland.

    I don’t know about best ref but the ref in the England v Italy match I thought was good did everything he could to keep the match flowing got all the key decisions correct.

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