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I have mentioned a few services and trading days over the last few weeks. The details of all those are below and they are as always purely optional. These will be the last services seminars offered by FTS for 2017 and early 2018 as I want the focus on education and profits.

In no particular order

FTS Portal

This has run for 4 years and seen a £1000 turn into £6000 with me doing all the work betting trading for the client. Existing Portal members may now join a new portal to start betting on November 1st. Details are on your existing Portal page, please read fully before engaging.

Those not currently in a Portal will be sent details at the end of November for a December 1st start. I will guarantee 10 spots to new clients but I must give those who have been loyal and given me no grief first opportunity.

Why do it? for people who have bad discipline, bad emotions, lack of time it is a simple investment growth with no hassle involved on your part at all. I am sure exisitng members and those who have bene in and left would post to the positive (comments welcome below)


30 Point Plan


The 30 point plan is fixed odds football bets across mostly UK leagues but other bets also they will start this weekend. Averaging around 15-20 bets a day these are provided by an FTS member and you will pay £47 and nothing further until you have won 30 points when the process will start again. I have monitored this for over a year the bets are sound and the focus on value and he has nver not achieved it. It is singles and the occassional double. FTS makes nothing from this I purely think it is a good low cost option for those who struggle get going, a 40 point bank is required. Bets will be sent via email

There are 30 spots and it has to close on Friday night as first bets are Saturday. There are no refunds and no timeline on the 30 points being reached – (average about 55 days but depends on number of bets that qualify)

To Join Click HERE



Trading Days

I am a planning on running 2 – 3 trading days as interest has been quite high. Please read fully.

Every day  there is football I produce 63 football sheets for my own use across 27 leagues. I have algorithms on these sheets that highlight numerous areas of value and enable me to quickly form a shortlist of trades for the day. The focus is on the VALUE  and trading and by that I mean entering at the right point, exiting at the right price and staking correctly across that trade. It does require time each day of course but can see you pick up 10,15 , 20 points or more a month trading as I do and have for 10 years. It will be a very thorough day the most thorough on a betting front I have done. This is not fixed odds betting it requires you to be around to place 2-3 carefully planned trades a day.

I will share on the day the exact process. This will not be a lecture or seminar it will be a full working day where we download the sheets together, work through them and I will share the algorithms  for value, we will form a trading shortlist and we execute trades and I will help all those in attendance do so. We will cover winning, managing losses the whole enchilada

When you leave you will be able to do EXACTLY what you have been shown with no further support but I will also produce a video series to show you how to do it and use as a back up. You will be able to win money weekly that I know

I stress it is a very active day and there will be an ongoing cost for the sheets each day after the first month but this is less than £5 a week so simply a business cost for what you get out of it which will be a trading income for life.

The cost of the trading day is £269 ( Apologies I did say I envisaged £249 but investgating room costs etc it is slightly more expensive) seeing that some people I have had emails from are charging £2000- £3000 a day plus ongoing  monthly support costs for stuff that is nothing near as powerful or profitable as I wil show you on the day I think it is fantastic value. You can start this with very small stakes it is not aimed at big punters, anyone can do it even if never seen a Betfair trade. Some trades can be automated also and I will explain that process with you also. the plan is a lifetime acocunt of trading not quick profits.

The planned locations and dates are below but will only go ahead if the numbers stack up. Anyone chooisng a date that does not go ahead will be offered one of the alternstive dates or a full refund.

Dates – weekend days with football on.

Sunday 10th December – London

Saturday 6th January – Birmingham

Saturday 27th January  – Cambridge


Places are strictly limited as I can only have so many in a room to do this with. It is strictly Football.


Cost is £269 all in for coffee on arrival Wifi, all materials for the day, 30 days first month sheets and ongoing support, lunch and snacks  (parking also included in price for Cambridge)

I also have special room rates for anyone wanting to stay overnight just contact me

Sign up to an FTS Trading Day Now for just £99 Deposit

To sign up please click the link above or below and MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE THE CORRECT DATE & VENUE initial payment is £99 and then 30 days later £170 balance – NO REFUNDS if a date and venue are confirmed even if deposit or fee is paid and you subsequently cannot attend.

Once signed up please wait and I will email in about 10 days time to confirm if the date is going ahead




I can do a day up North in February if it suits people and there is demand happy for location suggestions.


I have a few other thinsg to mentiosn but will leave that for the weekend as the above is the main areas I wanted to share.


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  1. Portal was a truly slow burner but once it got going it really took off. Cannot recommend enough. Ian has had 1 losing period in the 5 years it’s been running. Astonishingly consistent

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  2. Hi, I just want to say that I’m very pleased to be a portal member and I have been that since the beginning.
    And I will signup for at least one more unit 🙂

    Thank you very much for this opportunity and keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Ian
    Just want to make comment regarding the Portal. I have been in from the start and have seen my £1k investment grow to over £6k as noted.
    To me it is an absolute no brainier. As you state we do nothing – you do all the work and produce an update once every two to three months. It is ideal for those who have limited time but also for those who are beginners and a bit nervous / worried about betting.
    You really should join up as apart from winning the lottery I doubt there is any sensible and legal form of investment with such a great return.

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  4. Hi Ian
    If definitely attend your training day if you did one in Scotland ? Costly for me to fly from Aberdeen and have an overnight stay also for the ones down south

  5. Do you have any plans to release the video series for existing FTS members for a lower price as I live outside Europe and cant attend.

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  6. Regarding the portal, 100% agree with people. Best thing I ever did. Seems like such a long time ago now I entered this. I stuck with the normal portal and do wish I had joined the 10% when it was made available, but I do not regret joining this at all. Even the normal portal is now worth £5500 from £1000 (+£200 fees). Even with a couple of yearly fees in the 5 years it is still way above anything else I could have done with that money. In fact, that money would likely have long gone if not for the portal investment.

    I now see it as a savings plan, fees when due are just me adding to my savings as I know Ian will more than make then back in that time.

    If you thinking about it and you have the money sitting in a bank paying you 0.0000000001% interest, then sign up. You wont regret the decision.

  7. Ian, I have been a portal member since it started and have been delighted with the results. I definitely would like to sign up for another two memberships when it opens but I am currently away in India and won’t be back until the 1st of November when I can sign up but I am no sure about regular internet access till then. Please keep me two places open. Best Richard

  8. Regarding the Portal there are two points to consider.
    Point 1 do not join if you are looking for daily action and bets on everything under the sun and want to become a millionaire over night.There are plenty of crappy marketeers out there for you instead.
    Point 2 do join if you have the patience to let your investment grow over a period of time without doing any work yourself paying just a small sum each month for this privilege.No stress no hassle just check to see how much it has increased by.

    I have been lucky to be in this from the start and have a position in the safe and the 10% Portal.I have it as a long term investment and as the previous post said in the bank over the same period it would have earned me pennies.The best decision you could make bar none.

  9. I have also been in the Portal since the outset and can happily give a ‘strong recommend’… it’s clear to see how much care and consideration Ian puts into the methodology in order to create such solid consistency… very limited losing months!

  10. I’ll endorse what’s been said so far portal-wise. Been in it from the start and seen £1k grow to more than £6k over that time. If it grows that much again over a similar time-span, I’ll be more than happy (as it will help pay for the replacement knees and hips I’ll probably need by then). I’ll be going in again on the new portal, as Ian and his methods have proven themselves without question.

    Regarding the training days, I’d love to attend one but having checked out trains, planes and even flying carpets, none of the venues look do-able in a day return, even from Edinburgh. If one was to be planned further north, I’d definitely be interested.

  11. I used to have a portal and was foolish enough to cash it in. I became impatient with the speed of growth at the beginning and the size of the fees which seemed to cancel out the monthly profit. I should have taken a more long term view.

    Regarding the trading day Ian I would love to come. Having attended a seminar in London in 2015 I took away from that session the view that you no longer had time for trading and you did straight bets e g LTD based around the sheets. I became despondent about the money I lost on LTD that year so the idea of trading and protecting profit appeals to me. You make the notion of achieving profit sound very straight forward. Are these trades which have strictly defined criteria and which will appear regularly and will we be able to spot them?

    I like the idea of trading on the day with you guiding the process so I am tempted.

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      Hi Peter just having more time and my new set up with the ease to find the trades withiut hours ofresearch means I can give it more again now and it is lucrative (and safer). The criteria is defined very clearly so yes attend!

  12. I have had Portal from the beginning and it is the best savings investment I have ever made. I was aware when I put £1000 in that I could lose the lot and I still have that mindset although it seems very unlikely now. I kept wanting to take out a new Portal but it had got too large for me to find the sums so now I am pleased I can add some new ones. The fees we have to pay are very fair and indeed for the last year or so we have not had to pay anything as there was set sum the Portal had to reach.

    Where is the Cambridge trading day taking place as that it is my nearest one.

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