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Yesterday was a day I had been waiting for to write this post. 69 days ago we started the FTS Free Tips service with Andrews selections ( not the same Andrew writing blog posts) and these were followed 34 days ago by the addition of Larrys tips. On Day 1 when the tips started we had 869 people sign up …


Suffering from Balotelli Syndrome

Why always me? Have you ever thought you are cursed when it comes to gambling? Have you ever experienced law of sod whereby you have joined a service that hasn’t had a losing month since it started only for it to lose in your first month? I used to think I was cursed as there’s been many a winning system …

System Selection

Like most people I’ve got a full time job and a family so my time is limited. In the past I have purchased systems that have meant waiting around for an email to come in to place the bets or sitting in front of my laptop most of Saturday and Sunday plus various nights during the week, which as you …


Loser to Winner – can it be done?

Hi, I’m Andy and I’ll be blogging my exploits across a few FTS systems so those of you who have tried this game and perhaps struggled can share my mental battles and results as I work towards a professional level of gambling. Gambling is something I’ve been doing for just over 20 years and I’m certain that it has cost …

10 Minutes To Profit – 450 points a season- Q&A – Closes 9am Tomorrow

FTS Income FTS ONE questions

I posted a video tutorial last night and it has thrown up a wealth of questions overnight The video is here   http://ftsincome.co.uk/fts-one-odds-sheet-tutorial/   Some of you could not access it so the direct link is http://www.screencast.com/t/thty7bREEOF2   ​Here are some FAQ 1. Are systems included? Those who have database access can build as many systems as they wish it is simple …

FTS ONE Odds Sheet Tutorial

FTS ONE Odds Sheets

With the start of the season now imminent the first FTS Odds Sheet will be released on Friday morning for this weeks Premier League Games. I have had a lot (over 1000) queries of what are the odds sheet and how are they used even from some who have joined FTS ONE. To save time on Friday I have produced …


A Quick Guide To FTS


Given the launch of FTS ONE a fair few emails have arrived from people a bit overwhelmed with where to go. Below I try my best to give as simple a guide to everything FTS. No one should be doing everything you should assess your own situation, read the free course, get a correct approach and mindset and then only …


New Additions


I have a great announcement for the FTS family today. Gamblingsytemsreviews.com a website ran by a good friend of mine Larry is closing down with immediate effect. That really should be a sad announcement but it is to the great benefit of FTS. The providers of the two most profitable services on GSR – 5 Star Kings and The Golf …


New – Daily Free Tips – How To get Them

Free Racing Tips

One of the joys of FTS over the years is that amongst the crowd , (admittedly a minority compared to the number of visitors over the years) I have developed some very strong and friendly relationships. One of the benefits of this is that various skills can be accessed between ourselves for the benefit of the crowd. One of these …


FTS 2015/16 – FTS ONE


I am now finalising plans to bring the whole FTS family together so time for a quick update. The seminars are full now and I am very excited about what I will be sharing on those weekends and seeing some old friends and taking their betting to the level it should be. I have a very clear picture of how …