Trading Days – Quick £50 Video

Had a lot of email asking what the trading days are about. This is information that really can only be shared in person on an educational day hence holding a trading day. The sheets are all prepared that morning then you need to montior matches and prices. There are many methods and you can dive … Continue reading Trading Days – Quick £50 Video

Everyone Needs A Bit of Ricky Gervais

Wednesday night rushing back from Madrid I ended up at Hammersmith Apollo with my son to see Ricky Gervais. I know instantly that name causes a Marmite like feeling amongst people but I absolutely love Ricky Gervais and it was the second time I had seen him having been to his show Fame many years … Continue reading Everyone Needs A Bit of Ricky Gervais

Services and Trading Days

I have mentioned a few services and trading days over the last few weeks. The details of all those are below and they are as always purely optional. These will be the last services seminars offered by FTS for 2017 and early 2018 as I want the focus on education and profits. In no particular … Continue reading Services and Trading Days

2 Goals, 3 Fights, A Fat Spanish Waiter and a Baby!

Back from my 36-hour whistle stop tour from Madrid to Hammersmith and back to Kent and thoroughly enjoyable it was too. The recent resumption in blogging has been very therapeutic for me and led to some nice engagement with readers and bought up a host of topics I will cover over the next few days. … Continue reading 2 Goals, 3 Fights, A Fat Spanish Waiter and a Baby!

Don’t Panic Part Two

My time as a comedian it would seem in my last post on Saturday upset the troops more than when I have a rant. As someone who is renowned for being grumpy, I thought it was quite funny personally, but the responses at times were even funnier. The comment from someone who I assume is … Continue reading Don’t Panic Part Two

Dont Panic Captain Mainwaring – I am on it. (Part 1)

The first of a 2 parter, with part 2 due Tuesday as a full football program today and I have to get up to Wembley for a 1-1 draw. Liverpool take on Man United in a few hours time in what is billed as the best game in UK football. I am sure it is … Continue reading Dont Panic Captain Mainwaring – I am on it. (Part 1)

World Cup Review

Life has been too busy for blogging but I have been asked to post my World Cup Rant regarding England’s performance which made up a large part of Saturday’s World Cup Trading PDF. I have copied that below but I also, may as well take the chance to go over a few bits. Firstly the … Continue reading World Cup Review

Aintree Selections

Day Three 1.45 Golan Fortune £50 Win 15.5, 30 Place Use BSP,   Shannon Bridge £40 Win 16.0, £30 Place Use BSP 2.25 Lostintranslation £75 Win 15, £75 Place Use BSP 3.00 Shantou Rock £40 Win 10.0 3.40 Casse Tete £75 Won 15.5, £50 Place Use BSP, Viconte De Noyer £40 Win 21, £25 Place Use … Continue reading Aintree Selections

Time for Change

I have not blogged since Cheltenham owing to time reasons which I will explain further here. I will have a series of blogs over the next couple of weeks which will explain some major changes coming to the FTS set up over the next few weeks and months. The structure of FTS Ultimate will not … Continue reading Time for Change

Cheltenham Live Blog

Money Where your Mouth Is

Been a while since the last blog post and that is mainly owing to nothing other than time. I was away for a 50th birthday. I have been trading quite actively myself and then dealing with queries re Portal, Trading Days, Ultimate etc the rest of the time so I have found time to bang … Continue reading Money Where your Mouth Is

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